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Moderno Kids SLS AMG Mercedes Benz Kids Car

Review Last Updated: 31st March 2020
Product Review by Adam
Product Features
  • Max rider weight 66lbs
  • Top speed 6mph
  • LED lights
  • Built in MP3 player


Children are inquisitive creatures, and begin to learn the world by copying the actions of their caregivers. They see us driving a car, and want to do the same. Why wouldn’t they?

Cars for kids are great ways for your little ones to get some independence and explore the world in their own way (and in style!).

Sometimes, however, a simple car isn’t enough. If it’s a top-quality, high-performance car you’re after, then keep reading for our review of the Carbon White SLS AMG Mercedes Benz Car for Kids, including a lit of the features, and the pros and cons.


  • Great security features
  • Openable doors and windows
  • Parent remote control
  • Variable speeds


  • Premium price

Moderno Kids SLS AMG Mercedes Benz Kids Car Product Review

This top quality car is a great choice if you’re looking to give your child a super realistic, stylish and fun driving experience.

The recommended age range is between 2 years old and 6 years old, but it’s still advised to supervise younger children when they’re using this.

Here’s a list of this car’s specs:

  • Motor: 12v
  • No. of Seats: 1
  • Weight Limit: 100lbs
  • Age Range: Best for kids aged 2 and above
  • Max Speed: 6mph
  • Seat Belts?: Yes
  • Music Playing Capabilities: Yes
  • Parental Remote: Yes

It’s easy to carry this car around – you simply unfold the two small wheels and handle located under the vehicle, lift it up and wheel it around with you like a suitcase.


Let’s start by saying how stylish the SLS AMG Mercedes Benz Car for Kids is. The sleek white car is a great mini version of the popular car, with a stylish interior and exterior.

The doors open in a super realistic way – as do the windows. This only adds to the super realistic style of this quality car.

For an even more realistic driving experience, there are LED headlights, tail lights, and even fog lights – so your kid will be safe and stylish while driving in the early mornings or evenings.

Style isn’t the only thing that the Mercedes Benz Car for Kids offers – it also offers great comfort. The PU leather seats are adjustable, so your child can keep the car for years – just adjust it as your little one grows!


It can be a tiresome task trying to keep your kids out of harm’s way, but you should be able to relax knowing your child is safe driving around in the Carbon White SLS AMG Mercedes Benz Car for Kids.

For your peace of mind, there’s a remote control that you can use to guide the car, giving you full control of the vehicle. With this remote, you can navigate, stop, start, and overpower the car.

This top-quality kid car features a loud horn, which is sure to make any pedestrians aware of the oncoming vehicle!

Your child will be safe and sound inside this car – and although it reaches a safe top speed of 6mph, there’s a seat belt for added safety. The soft harness seat belt is sure to keep your little one safely nestled into the vehicle, and adds to the realistic driving experience.

The braking system is super reliable, with gradual acceleration, so your little one will reach speeds of 3-6mph in a safe amount of time.

The Rubber Traction Band integrated wheels will offer your child a smooth and safe ride, even across bumpy terrain.


Your child is sure to have a super-realistic driving experience in the SLS AMG Mercedes Benz. The build in MP3 player can play files from a micro SD card, or a USB flash drive. For added realism, there’s even horn sound effects on the steering wheel, and realistic engine sounds.

There’s enough space in the trunk for your child to bring their favorite toys – so your little one can bring their teddy bears and barbie dolls along on their adventures. You could even pack them some snacks for the road!

One of the best things about this car is the fun touch screen TV entertainment system. Anyone that drives knows that it can get boring, but this entertainment system is sure to keep your little one happy and entertained watching their favorite TV shows, cartoons, and movies.


This premium kids car may put a small dent in your wallet, but you can’t expect to get a top-quality, safe, and entertaining child car for any less.

Your child will drive around comfortably in leather seats and a gorgeous interior, while being kept entertained with the built-in entertainment system.

Added parental controls make this a super safe option for your child, so you can relax knowing your kid is safe in this stylish one-seater.

So, what are your thoughts on the Carbon White SLS AMG Mercedes Benz Car for Kids? Do you agree with our review? 

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