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Ottomanson Shag Collection Area Rug

Review Last Updated: 11th March 2020
Product Review by Adam


Today we will be exploring the Ottomanson Shag Collection Area Rug.

Finding the best additions to bring your home decor ideas to life can be a challenge because of the multitude of products available on the market.

It can be equally challenging searching for the best area rug that complete a room, but it doesn’t have to be. There are an array of rugs available, different brands and styles, and you will find one best for you.

If you are in the middle of your search, then you have stumbled at the right place, as here at Top Review Zone, we assess some of the best products on the market to assist you in your search.

We are confident that our reviews will bring confidence to your search, and if this particular product isn’t for you, we have reviewed a selection of area rugs available for you to consider.

Please stick around to find out everything you need to know about the Ottomanson Shag Collection Area Rug!


  • Available in a range of sizes and colors
  • Budget-friendly
  • Stain, fade and wear resistant


  • Consistent reports of a chemical-based smell

Ottomanson Shag Collection Area Rug Product Review

Ottomanson, which was established in 2007, has since become one of the leading wholesalers of area rugs across the United States.

With a combination of years of knowledge and experience within the home decor industry, Ottomanson serves as inspiration for some of the best home decor items. Its area rugs, in particular, have made an impression with consumers for its efficient production and competitive prices.

The Ottomanson Shag Collection Area Rug is one of its popular pieces and has what it takes to adapt to almost any home decor ideas or styles.

It is available in nine different sizes and over ten colors to choose from, including beige, charcoal grey, and cream, as well as a range of brighter options.

The choice of size and color caters to personal preference and enables consumers to be flexible in where they position the area rug along with their already included home decor.

Every home is different, which Ottomanson recognizes as it provides a range of rugs compatible with different rooms. You can find rectangular, circular, and oval-shaped rugs in its selection.

It is machine-made with 100% polypropylene, which is an excellent material for a rug because of its tough and semi-rigid enough to provide both durability and comfort for consumers.

Polypropylene offers high stain-resistance, so any food or drink spilled during future dinner parties can be rectified quickly. It also provides fade and wear-resistance for fuss-free maintenance in the more high-traffic areas in your home.

These properties make it a suitable candidate for consumers with children or pets, as you should expect a durable material that can work well with a variety of family types.

You should expect maximum comfort with this shag area rug because of its inclusion of the plush shag pile, which delivers exceptional comfort when walking barefoot.

The softness your feet will experience is a pleasant escape from the hard floors, and if you live in an apartment, the pile construction creates a noise dampening effect on your floors, which will prevent any angry neighbors from knocking on your door.

Although the rug features neatly bound edges, which improves its non-slip performance, we would suggest investing in a rug pad to prevent any slips or even accidents with any little ones.

We will emphasize the chemical-based smell that emits from the area rug, which could be an issue with some consumers, and we found it to be overbearing.

This unfortunate scent can easily overshadow the performance of the rug and can result in further expenses, such as air fresheners and smell deterrent products.
That said, this smell shouldn’t put you off, adding this to your home decor, but it is something to consider before finalizing any purchases.

Available on the market at an affordable price, this area rug can be acquired by people of different backgrounds and budget ranges.


Overall, the Ottomanson Shag Collection Area Rug has proven its place in the home decor industry.

It offers the choice to its consumers with a range of sizes, shapes, and colors, which serve to entertain various preferences.

The quality-constructed pile and jute backing improves the overall durability and will bring life to your room for many years to come.

At an affordable price, you can easily acquire this shag area rug without breaking the bank. Ottomanson also offers consumers a warranty which will bring comfort to any potential cart additions and will cover you should you experience any issues.

Do you think the Ottomanson Shag Collection Area Rug has what it takes?

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