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Philips SmartSleep HF3520/60

Review Last Updated: 23rd March 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • FM Radio Built-In
  • Colored Sunrise Simulation


Today we will be reviewing the Philips SmartSleep HF3520/60 light therapy lamp.

One of the more premium light therapy lamps on the market the Philips SmartSleep HF3520/60 comes with a premium price tag.

We here at Top Review Zone always want to remind our readers to keep their budgets at the forefront of their minds when it comes to any purchasing decisions. We will always try to give as much detail about any product features, specifications and value for money. But, in the end, only you the consumer will know if the SmartSleep’s comparatively premium price is affordable.

That being said the SmartSleep is one of the more multifunctional light therapy lamps on the market and boasts an impressive array of functionality.




  • Cool to touch - safe for children
  • No replacement light bulb needed
  • Large, easy-to-read LED display
  • Sleek modern design
  • Dimming light and sound gently sends you off to sleep
  • Sunrise miming light display for wake up


  • The buttons are in an awkward place, so it can be difficult to press snooze
  • Not budget friendly

Philips SmartSleep HF3520/60 Product Review

Able to be used as a therapy light, night light, alarm clock, sunrise simulated and even including an FM radio there is certainly something for everyone included in this product.

Created and designed using the full breadth of Phillips extinguished manufacturing history, the SmartSleep is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. The SmartSleep is certainly pleasing to the eye, with its gentle lines and rounded edges perfectly blending into any room decor without standing out like a sore thumb.

The SmartSleep is designed to improve your sleep, energy, and well being and by mimicking the suns natural light can also have a positive effect on those who suffer from low mood during the dark winter months.

The SmartSleep is also Phillips number one selling alarm clock and when looking at the Philips SmartSleep HF3520/60 in its entirety it is easy to see why. Phillips is proud to say that only their wake- up lights are clinically proven to help you wake up feeling more refreshed.

Designed to replicate the natural light pattern and sounds of the sunset, the SmartSleep allows you to drift off to sleep relaxed and content and assists in resetting your sleep/wake pattern.

Waking up is also a treat as the natural colored sunrise simulation alarm clock, that wakes you gradually with a natural light lamp and a speaker that plays a choice of 5 wake up sounds.

Inspired by nature’s sunrise, the wake-up light brightness gradually increases within 30 minutes from dim yellow until the whole of your room is filled with bright yellow light. This process of slowly increasing the light intensity stimulates your body to wake up naturally. When the light has filled the room, your chosen natural sound will gently complete the wake-up experience and leave you ready to face the day ahead.

Conversely, the SmartSleep also has an FM radio function able to be tapped into snooze mode with just the touch of a button.

But there’s no need to worry about missing your alarm though! The SmartSleep also contains its new PowerBackUp+ feature that maintains internal clock settings and back-up alarm for at least 8 hours, even in the event of power failure.

As an added extra the SmartSleep can even be used as a bedside reading lamp with 10 brightness settings. These ten brightness settings make customizing the brightness to your environment, tolerance and personal preference super easy and extremely convenient.

Sporting a large, easy to read LED display that stays cool to touch the SmartSleep is perfect for children and you can be confident in their safety and their contentment after use.

With no additional assembly required, (literally just plug in and go), the SmartSleep is as adaptable and versatile as it is sleek and modern looking.

With a 90 day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied, Philips aims to provide complete customer satisfaction and based upon the feedback from customers we can see that there is certainly a large upswell of positive feeling toward the Philips SmartSleep HF3520/60.


With its incredible versatility and multi-functionality, it really is hard to not enjoy and appreciate the Philips SmartSleep HF3520/60.

Extremely well designed and catering for a variety of consumer needs, Phillips have clearly invested time and effort into making a truly top of the range product that offers exceptional quality and useability.

However, it must be acknowledged that all these positives do come with quite a significant price tag when compared to the SmartSleep’s rivals within the market.

If you desire to own a top of the range, premium, quality therapy light, and money is no object then Top Review Zone recommends this as the product for you.

If however, you believe that your tighter budget may not stretch to the SmartSleep its worth considering that the longevity of the SmartSleep alongside 90 days, no-hassle, money-back guarantee may make this an extremely decent investment.

We here at Top Review Zone are pleased to award the Philips SmartSleep HF3520/60 a Four Star Review rating but would love to hear back from you with your thoughts on this review.

If you would like to get in touch, please use the comment box provided below and until then we hope you have a great day.

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