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QEP 10600BR 24-Inch Porcelain Tile Cutter

Review Last Updated: 12th March 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • Cuts through porcelain and ceramic floor
  • Wide, die-cast aluminum allot base
  • Titanium-coated tungsten carbide cutting wheel
  • Large, high-leverage bicycle grip handle


Today we will be reviewing the QEP 10600BR Porcelain Tile Cutter.

QEP was founded in 1979 and has ever since achieved iconic status within the building industry.

Tile cutters have proven to be a useful tool to acquire if you are on a building site or attempting to DIY your bathroom. 

That’s why there is a crowded market, and you’ll be spoilt for choice before finding the best tile cutter for you that meets your expectations.

The QEP 10600BR is one of the best tile cutters in today’s market, and we believe it would be an excellent product to invest in to cut through a range of sturdy materials. 

Please continue reading for our exploration of the QEP 10600BR, and find out why it has soared in popularity. 

Let’s get stuck in!



  • Trusted company
  • Excellent for cutting large format tiles
  • Easy to carry and handle


  • Material quality/cutting ability questioned by some consumers
  • Might not be compatible with some budgets

QEP 10600BR 24-Inch Porcelain Tile Cutter Product Review

The QEP 10600BR is a multi-purpose cutter that can cut through most tiles, including porcelain and ceramic tile. It can cut 26-inches diagonally and 16-inches.

Not only that, the machine is fitted with tungsten carbide coated titanium which allows you to cut through tiles in an instant swap.

The 7-8-inch titanium-coated tungsten carbide ball bearing cutting wheel is replaceable, and are sold separately should you experience any problems, or you need to replace it after a substantial amount of time.

The base of a tile cutter should be made from a durable material to make the machine last you an extended period after purchase.

This tile cutter has a base crafted from die-cast aluminium alloy, which is a top-notch aluminium material that increases its durability and makes it a longlasting investment.

It also offers a smooth and easy operation without stretching out your energy with its ball bearing system that helps to move the carriage and makes the process a breeze, and enjoyable to use.

The smooth scoring the linear ball bearing slides offer makes for more efficient use, and you will get the most out of the machine, for the best result.

One of the highlights of the QEP 10600BR tile cutter is the large, high-leverage bicycle handle, which makes cutting more comfortable and reduces fatigue. A tile cutter that offers a comfortable grip means tougher jobs can be achieved for more extended periods.

Your purchase will also include an adjustable U.S. standard and metric measuring guide which provides you with accurate repeat cuts if you have a sizeable volumed room that needs untiling. This comes in handy and saves time for you to straight away, plunge into various jobs.

Not only will you obtain an excellent tile cutter, but you will also experience extra comfort, knowing it is manufactured by a well-known and trustworthy company which provides high-quality products for building purposes.


Overall the QEP 10600BR is an impressive product that is essential for builders or the brave people of the world taking on their bathroom.

That said, to some, this tile cutter could quickly get dull with time because of its generic features and exterior. However, it is an accessible product that anyone can purchase online or in your local hardware shop.

This QEP tile cutter is appropriate for professional tile workers but is also suitable for DIY enthusiasts wanting to better their home craft skills.

If you have a tiling job that needs to be carried out, this tile cutter will have you sorted and assist you during the stricter household jobs.

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