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Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak

Review Last Updated: 12th March 2020
Product Review by Adam
Product Features
  • Two rear skegs for enhanced tracking
  • Max weight 500lbs
  • NMMA certified
  • Three air chambers


Kayaks have been used for thousands of years, but only recently have inflatable kayaks surged on to the market. 

Their compact nature makes them much more practical than traditional hard shell kayaks. 

They also tend to be a cheaper option than their hard shell counterparts and endure a similar level of stability once in the water. 

Additionally, the durability of inflatable rafts has improved continuously over the years, to a point where they can almost compete with hard shell kayaks. 

Inflatable kayaks are so tough now that they can be used for fishing or even white water rafting!  

Today at Top Review Zone we’ll be taking a look at the Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak, let’s get straight into the review and see what this product is all about! 


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable seats
  • Paddles and pump included
  • Suitable for class III whitewater


  • Not ideal for one person
  • No D-rings to help fasten gear

Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak Product Review

The Sea Eagle Inflatable kayak is an excellent choice if you require a two-person kayak and have a low range budget.

This is one of the more affordable yet high-quality kayaks currently on the market.

The first feature we like is the skegs on the bottom of the kayak. This model features two skegs on the bottom for better tracking and speed.

This is an excellent addition as multiple skegs are less frequent among inflatable kayak designs.

A max weight of 500lbs means two large adults can comfortably fit in the kayak without exceeding the weight restrictions.

The kayak is certified by NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association), this essentially means that they believe this product is of excellent quality.

A three-chamber design is incorporated in the kayak design. The hull inflates as two sides, and a floor meaning the kayak can withstand a rupture to any of these and still stay afloat.

The product also comes free with two paddles, a foot pump, and a carry bag.

However, some users have complained that it becomes uncomfortable to carry over your shoulder for long periods.

A great feature of this kayak is its durability. Sea Eagle is a brand you can trust and have kitted the kayak out with 38 mil PVC material, making it less susceptible to punctures.

The kayak is also certified by NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association), this essentially means that they believe this product is of excellent quality.

Inflation time is stated at 8-10 minutes, which is relatively average for an inflatable kayak of this size.

Manufacturers Sea Eagle offers a three-year warranty on the product, demonstrating what faith they have in this great inflatable kayak.

The final feature we like about this kayak is its multi-purpose use; this product can be used for anything from fishing to whitewater rafting, while still being ideal for beginners.


Overall this is an excellent choice if you require an affordable inflatable kayak from a company that is well respected in this industry.

This product would be a perfect addition if you require a kayak for two people.

We also give this product a four-star rating, so it’s popular with consumers! 

What do you think about the Sea Eagle inflatable kayak, have you got an opinion? 

Paddle into the comments section and let us know! 


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