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Secret Sea Collection Bohemian Area Rug

Review Last Updated: 11th March 2020
Product Review by Adam
Product Features
  • Weight: 15.8 ounces
  • 30% Cotton & Acrylic
  • Machine washable (86°F)
  • Low-pile
  • 5 sizes & 5 colors available


Today we will be exploring the Secret Sea Collection Bohemian Area Rug.

If you are making your perfect home, your head is likely to be crowded with home decor styles and ideas, and you will want the best area rug to complete your living space.

An area rug should not just provide practicality; it should also contribute to the character of your room by making a statement.

There is a multitude of area rugs available in today’s market, and it can be challenging separating the good from the not so good, and therefore, finding the best one for you.

Here at Top Review Zone, we do the hard work for you and thoroughly test a range of products to help with your search.

We hope after checking out this review, you will be more confident in your search for an area rug to complete your room.

Please stick around to find out if the Secret Sea Collection Bohemian Area Rug has what it takes to be added to your cart.


  • Available in an array of sizes and colors
  • Unique blend of colors
  • Competitive price
  • Reversible design


  • Rug pad not included
  • Not pet-friendly

Secret Sea Collection Bohemian Area Rug Product Review

Secret Sea Collection has one goal in mind, and that is to provide its customers with unique quality products, and they are famous for their quirky-designed area rugs.

Many of their area rugs are hand-crafted, free of harsh chemicals, and are environmentally friendly, which is useful to bear in mind throughout your search.

Their unique Secret Sea Collection Bohemian Area Rug is one of many to confirm their place in the home decor industry, but what makes it stand out?

It is included in the Secret Sea Collection, which features a unique blend of modern colors and unconventional designs to entertain the more daring people of the world with beautiful pieces throughout their homes.

Crafted from 30% cotton and acrylic and made in Turkey, you can expect a modern and bohemian style with this area rug.

It is a flat-woven rug and possesses a low pile height, which makes it durable and long-lasting. Therefore, it would be an excellent choice for high trafficked areas such as the hallway, bathroom, kitchen, or living room.

It is available in five sizes and five color schemes, including black and grey, black and orange, charcoal grey and orange, navy blue and orange, and turquoise and orange. These variations make it a versatile area rug to be added to different households.

The rug is reversible as both sides have a different pattern (with the same color schemes), which can be changed with the seasons, this also increases durability – for the best results, we recommend taking advantage of this reversible feature.

The bohemian style area rug requires easy care and is machine washable (and is recommended to wash at 86°F for the best results.) A cold wash with similar colors is the most effective way of preventing any damage to the material or a decline in its original color.

If used as an indoor area rug, we advise shaking or brushing off any debris to prevent any issues along the line. It is also recommended for a hang dry and to be used with a cool iron to remove any wrinkles.

Secret Sea Collection suggests investing in a rug pad to create a barrier between the rug and floor surface, which will protect the original color of your floor and the overall performance of the mat. We would back this recommendation as we witnessed frequent slips without a pad placed underneath.

If you have any pets, you might want to note that regular maintenance may be needed to clear up any fur on the rug, as the cotton and acrylic fabric attracts hair easily. That said, it is a small inconvenience that may or may not be an issue for you.

We have no doubt it wouldn’t be compatible with young children or furry friends, but it will, of course, buckle down to personal preference.

You can find this modern bohemian style rug on the market at an affordable price, which will entertain a range of budgets, although prices will rise should you require a bigger size.


After assessing the Secret Sea Collection Bohemian Area Rug, we conclude that it is an exquisite area rug that would serve as a long term investment.

Its unique design sets it apart from your standard area rug, and if you want a pattern with plenty of character to contribute to the overall atmosphere of a room, then this Secret Sea Collection standout could be the solution.

Secret Sea Collection’s inclusion of a range of colors and sizes makes it an ideal choice for people with different needs and preferences.

The only negative is that the fabric used easily attracts fur, which can be a problem for pet owners.

It would be an excellent addition to create the perfect home you have visualized in your mind.

What is your take on the Secret Sea Collection Bohemian Area Rug?

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