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STAUBER Summit Snowboard

Review Last Updated: 16th March 2020
Product Review by Adam
Product Features
  • Light weight All-Mountain style
  • Twin Directional Camber Rocker Camber Profile
  • Hybrid profile snowboard
  • Adjustable bindings
  • Includes 14mm screws


Today we will be exploring the STAUBER Summit Snowboard package.

If you are searching for the best snowboard, you will understand how busy the snowboarding market is, and it can be overwhelming to separate the good from the not so good.

It can be even harder finding a snowboard gear that is compatible with one another, and that’s why you should consider investing in a snowboard package.

Our team at Top Review Zone reviews some of the best products available in today’s market and has a range of snowboards available for you to check out.

So, if the STAUBER model isn’t the one for you, we believe there is a match out there for everyone.

Please stick around to find out how the STAUBER Summit Snowboard package can elevate your snowboarding performance.

Let’s get stuck in!


  • Suitable for all levels
  • Lightweight
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Trusted company


  • Only has 2 sizes
  • Price might not be compatible with some budgets

STAUBER Summit Snowboard Product Review

STAUBER Sports consists of a dedicated team of winter sports experts who enhance snowboarding experiences with high-quality, durable, and weather-resistant products.

The STAUBER Summit Snowboard is one of many products to make an impression on the winter sports industry, but what does it bring to the table?

This product is a snowboard package that includes an all-mountain snowboard, bindings, eight 14mm screws, countersunk locking washes, and two mounting discs.

The snowboard features innovative technology that allows users to enjoy a comfortable all-mountain style of riding or an exhilarating park experience.

It is available in two sizes (128 and 153cm) and can be purchased as a bundle or without bindings. You can choose from a range of colors to entertain your preference.

The board has a symmetrical twin directional shape on the nose and the tail and has a hybrid camber rocker camber profile underfoot and a rocker core.

Its twin directional shape and camber rocker camber profile make it the ideal choice for a long day on the mountain for riders of all levels to enjoy the unique handling qualities.

It includes Dyna snowboard bindings that are lightweight and easy to use for all levels. They offer reinforced precision and are adjustable with an ankle strap and toe-cap strap for the best stability.

The standard 2 x 4 mounting system is made with stainless steel inserts, with the underfoot camber and rocker core both preventing the edge from catching and enables the user to perform excellent pop.

The shape is suitable for all types of terrain and delivers impressive, edge-protecting performance in the more extreme snow and ice conditions.

The sandwich construction improves the overall durability. It has a 100% real wood core, rubber dampening strip, steel edge sidewall, extruded base, and you can acquire a scratch-resistant top and bottom sheet to provide a longer life span.

It is a lightweight option with a medium flex and has a durable gloss finish on the top, which not only withstands continuous usage, it also looks the part.


After checking out the STAUBER Summit Snowboard package, it is clear why it is a prominent model available in today’s market.

If you are looking for yourself or giving a gift to a new snowboarder, the STAUBER snowboard package would be the perfect gift as it has what it takes to ready you for various snowboarding experiences.

We want to point out the absence of snow boots, which can be bought included in many snowboard packages out there.

However, STAUBER offers a high-quality, durable, and weather-resistant package that will no doubt be compatible with many snow boots for you to explore.

What did you think of the STAUBER Summit Snowboard package?

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Thanks for reading and happy snowboarding!

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