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Summer 3Dpac CS+ Double Stroller

Review Last Updated: 7th May 2020
Product Review by Emily
Product Features
  • Parent pockets
  • Extra-large storage basket
  • Reclining seats with foot rests
  • Auto-lock


In this review, we will be looking at the Summer 3Dpac CS+ Double Stroller. Without exaggeration, we at Top Review Zone can say that this stroller with its innovative style and spectacular list of features is one of more premium strollers on the market.

Boasting a slick, simple design with flowing black curves and simple straight lines, the 3Dpac’s style perfectly blends function with fashion.

We have no doubt that by pushing your children in this particular stroller you will be the envy of all your parent friends.

Top Review Zone would like to make clear though, that with all these top-notch features comes a premium price, although the sheer adaptability and user-friendly functionality, in our opinion, do make the 3Dpac worth this comparatively high price tag.

During this review we will go over all of the 3Dpac’s features, its design and style, its pros, its cons, and of course based upon these factors award our star rating accordingly.

So let’s get started and see what we think of the Summer 3Dpac CS+ Double Stroller.


  • Full of parent-friendly features
  • Car-seat compatible
  • Your little ones can sit next to each other


  • Not suited for newborns

Summer 3Dpac CS+ Double Stroller Product Review

One of the biggest issues that our readers have found around double strollers, is that they can be big, bulky, and unwieldy.

As hard to put up as they are to fold away, impossible to store, and frustratingly difficult to travel with.

Well the Summer 3Dpac CS+ Double Stroller has none of these issues, with its strong yet versatile lightweight frame and weighing only 23lbs the 3Dpac is astoundingly easy to move.

There is also no drawn-out struggle to fold and collapse the stroller as with the 3Dpac’s innovative one-hand, self-standing compact fold you can pack it away as easy as one, two, three!

Being only 30 inches wide, the 3Dpac stroller fits comfortably through most standard doors, but as an added bonus also meets all theme park stroller regulations, meaning it is perfect for walking the little ones round their favorite park.

Designed with impressive adjustable leg rests for added comfort and convenience, the 3Dpac also includes a handy carry handle with auto-lock functionality. Meaning you will never be at risk of the stroller spontaneously opening on you when you least expect it.

Additionally, with a folded size of only 23.75″ long, 30″ wide and 14.3″ high, the 3Dpac can easily be stored in most cars with room to spare. This compact, tight, and simple frame also makes storing the stroller around the house a breeze as the 3Dpac gives you so much more room for activities than its competitors.

The compatible functionality is not the 3Dpac’s only stand out selling point either.

The sheer adaptability and retroactive optimization with previously bought products such as car seats is astounding. Car seats, such as the Gr snug Ride Click Connect, the Chicco Key Fit 30, the Chicco Fit2, and the baby Trend secure snap Gear 35, are all able to fit in and be attached to the Summer 3Dpac CS+ Double Stroller.

The fact that you can attach a car seat to the 3Dpac means that this product is suitable (with attached car seat from birth). If your children are older and you do not have any of the attachable car seats, then you are advised that this product is recommended for children aged 6 months up.

With the innovative and impressive multi-position reclining seats you can customize your children’s seating position based upon their comfort, size, and specific physical requirements.

An added boon is that the 3Dpac comes with a massive amount of storage. From its extra-large storage basket underneath to the child’s sippy cup pockets, it even has an additional parental storage pocket where you can store your keys, phone, wallet, etc. Not content with providing storage for both the children and adults, the 3Dpac also has an extra parental cup holder for those times when you need an emergency caffeine hit!

The 3Dpac is also adaptable to all weathers as well, with its two extra-large canopies that both sport innovative, flip-out sun visors the 3Dpac will keep your children cool and comfortable wherever you may go.

There is no need to fret about watching your children in this stroller though. With the handy peek-a-boo windows fitted into both canopies, you can always have your precious cargo within your eyesight.

All in all the extensive list of features that the 3Dpac contains is nothing short of remarkable.


In conclusion, then, taking into account all the impressive features and functionality of the Summer 3Dpac CS+ Double Stroller, Top Review Zone is delighted to recommend this product to all our readers.

So excited are we by the 3Dpac that we would also like to award the stroller our highly sought after Five Star Rating review.

Although coming with a premium price we at Top Review Zone believe the customer is more than compensated when all the 3Dpacs features and benefits are taken into consideration.

It has been nothing short of a delight to review the Summer 3Dpac CS+ Double Stroller for you and we really hope you have found this review both enjoyable and valuable.

If you have any comments on the 3Dpac or would like to further continue our discussion on it, please get in touch via the comments box below.

Until then have a Top day!

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