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System 2020 Snowboard Package

Review Last Updated: 16th March 2020
Product Review by Adam
Product Features
  • MTN Snowboard
  • APX Bindings
  • Classic APX boots
  • CRCX Profile
  • 3D Core


Today we will be exploring the System 2020 Snowboard Package.

The snowboarding market is busy, and it can be hard to find the gear that is compatible with one another, that’s why investing in a snowboard package is useful.

Snowboard packages are a cost-effective purchase that will not only save you money, but the compatibility of your gear is guaranteed, so you can get stuck into riding the outdoors.

Here at Top Review Zone, our team explores some of the best products available in today’s market to assist you in your search.

The System 2020 Snowboard Package is just one of many featured on our website, so be sure to explore the catalog of products to find the best snowboard for you.

System is known for providing customers with some of the best snowboards on the market. Its products also include the right accessories to elevate your snowboarding performance.

The package includes a snowboard, APX bindings, and classic APX boots, which are all requirements to start your snowboarding adventure.

Please stick around to see if the System 2020 Snowboard Package has what it takes!


  • Customizable fit
  • All-mountain terrain
  • Lightweight
  • Three-year warranty


  • Lack of quality in the base coating
  • Reports of weak screws used on the bindings

System 2020 Snowboard Package Product Review

The System 2020 Snowboard Package features all that your feet need to snowboard.

The package includes the snowboard, APX bindings, and classic APX boots, which form the complete set of snowboard gears to strap to your feet to provide the best snowboarding performance.

The MTN snowboard is designed to float in powder, power through trees and still handle park laps, which makes it the ideal choice for intermediate and expert users.

It is a camber-rocker-camber profile that improves float in powder and ensures you never catch an edge.

There is a sufficient balance of the tail and the nose, which support a leisurely float; however, it can be a different outcome for explosive pops.

The board features a 3D core. At the center of the board is premium poplar wood of the board, where two high-density stringers can be placed to run outside the center, which reinforces the strength of the core.

You will gain a pair of classic looking boots that include metal hooks; these hooks enable the user to adjust and lace the boots to a superior holding power, which prevents the need of continuously needing to change your lacing system.

This package is designed specifically for men, and you will find six sizes available (8-13) and seven-item shapes from 139cm to 159cm.

Even with a range of sizes to choose from, the boots offer a customizable fit that employs the latest Thermofit heat-moldable liner technology that tunes to an individual’s fitting.

The System package is a lightweight piece that is suitable for both above and below-average weighing users, as it is manageable and won’t drag you behind.

However, with every product, you can expect the occasional flaw.

What seems to be a common trend in customers’ experience with this package is the weak coating of the base, which seems to wear out easily.

As well as this, the binding screws have let down customers for being weak and not sturdy enough to endure more extreme terrains.

However, this flaw can be fixed by investing in more reliable and robust holding screws for the bindings to elevate your performance, which is recommended to increase the snowboard’s lifespan.

You can expect there to be a rise in price with this package because of what is included; however, the amount of this package equates to three separate purchases.

Snowboard packages are becoming more popular with time for the convenience and reliability with the inclusions. They are especially favored by intermediate and expert users, who are usually brand-loyal.

The package has a three-year warranty included with each component, which gives you peace of mind should you decide to invest in this System product.


Overall, the System 2020 Snowboard Package is an ideal product to invest in to prepare you for any snowboarding experience.

When it comes to riding, this snowboard is most useful for intermediate riders or those with a higher level of expertise.

Although specifically designed for men, it is available in a range of customizable shapes and sizes to make it accessible for people below and above the average height and weight.

We think this snowboard package is a cost-effective investment that will last you for a long time, and the three-year warranty on each component will give peace of mind before and after purchase.

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