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TaoTronics Light Therapy Lamp

Review Last Updated: 22nd March 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • 10000 LUX Adjustable Brightness Setting
  • 6500K Light
  • Adjustable Stand Included


TaoTronics, a flagship brand under the Sunvalley group, is dedicated to providing superior-quality, reasonably priced electronic products that improve the lives of our customers.

With the TaoTronics Light Therapy Lamp, they have succeeded in fulfilling their mission statement with standard finesse.

The Light Therapy Lamp has been garnering some impressive praise recently and with the lamp being both friendly to your wallet and the environment it is easy to see why.

The TaoTronics Light Therapy Lamp boasts some incredible features, as well as a stylish compact design making it extremely portable it also sports a superb user interface system.

Able to mimic the midday suns rays by providing the medically recommended 10,000 LUX brightness level, the Light Therapy Lamp is perfect for those of us who don’t see the sun as often as we would preferably like.

Additionally, the Taotronics Light Therapy Lamp can act as a perfect mood enhancer to those who suffer from tiredness, overwork, winter blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).



  • Slim and lightweight
  • Simple controls
  • Minimalist design
  • Comes with a stylish carry case


  • The +/- and on/off buttons are sensisitve

TaoTronics Light Therapy Lamp Product Review

The ultra-violet free light provided by the TaoTronics Light Therapy Lamp is one hundred percent safe and boasts some impressive health-promoting characteristics.

Featuring the same 6500K color temperature of natural sunlight, the white light emitted from its specially designed LED bulbs promote firmer, tighter skin whilst at the same time still giving users a plumper, fuller and above all healthier appearance.

As white LED light is known to penetrate deeper into the skin than its blue or red counterparts, the Light Therapy Lamp has also been known to be effective in encouraging skin cells to combat adult acne and other skin disorders.

With its three adaptable brightness settings, users are able to set the brightness to conform with your environment, distance from the light and personal skin sensitivity.

Designed with a phenomenal user interface, there is no need to worry over tiresome instruction manual with this product as everything can be adapted to suit your needs with just the touch of a button.

Additionally, the TaoTronics Light Therapy Lamp also utilizes an inbuilt timer, meaning users have the ability to use the lamp from ten to sixty minutes and alter their planned usage schedule with a minimum of fuss.

Lightweight, compact and boasting the clean, simple lines you would find more at home on a piece of contemporary art rather than a functional piece of beautifying equipment, this portable lamp wouldn’t look out of place sat next to a laptop or on a bedside table.

Also containing a foldable bracket that makes it even easier to store and carry the Lamp wherever you go, you never need be without your mood-boosting and envigorating Therapy Lamp.

With LED’s that are built to last up to eight times longer than standard bulbs, there is also no doubting TaoTronics commitment to producing truly long-lasting and durable products.

This inbuilt longevity also serves to reinforce the environmentally friendly aspects of the Therapy Lamp, as there is less need for continued replacement parts and maintenance.

You might think that these numerous benefits would come with an additional cost but the TaoTronics Light Therapy Lamp is competitively priced meaning that this product is great for your bank balance as well as being kind to the environment.

Customer feedback for the lamp continues to be stellar and it’s easy to see why. With the previously mentioned health benefits all available at the touch of a button, sufferers from low mood or those whose working patterns limit their time in the sun will find this product a godsend.

With its strong frame and modern look, the Therapy Lamp would be a wise investment for any savvy shopper searching for a premium product at a competitive price.


It’s easy to see, with all the TaoTronics Light Therapy Lamp’s obvious benefits,  why we here at Top Review Zone, wholeheartedly recommend it to our readers.

The Therapy Lamp’s ability to boost your mood, reinvigorate your mind and enhance your focus and concentration, is literally priceless to those who suffer from low mood and depression. Additionally, it can provide a short burst of energy and wellbeing to users without the need for stimulants like coffee and sugary snacks.

Not only would we here at Top Review Zone like to recommend this Therapy Lamp but we actually want to go one step further and award our coveted Five Star Review rating to it.

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