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Triumph NT-9 9000lbs Two Post Floor Car Lift

Review Last Updated: 12th March 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • 9000lb Lifting Capacity
  • 109 Inch Overall Height
  • 132 Inch Overall Width


The Triumph NT-9 9000lbs Two Post Floor Car Lift is a reliable 2-post car lift that offers a high level of stability, offering you a safe way to work on your automotive projects

A garage car lift is a fantastic tool for any mechanic as they allow you to comfortably work underneath a car with ease.

Residential garage car lifts are available in different sizes ranging from 4 post, 2 post, scissor, and ramps. The size of your garage will determine the best garage car lift that will be suitable for your personal needs.

According to the Triumph website, every employee is enrolled in their Triumph Academy which is an online training facility that identifies each employee’s training needs and then provides role-specific courses to ensure that their knowledge exceeds their customers’ expectations!

Therefore, you should feel safe in the knowledge that your product has been manufactured by Triumph to achieve the best possible results.

Let’s jump into the Triumph NT-9 9000lbs Two Post Floor Car Lift review!


  • Easy assembly
  • Floor-mounting hardware
  • 72 inches ample height lifting
  • Lower price compared to similar lifts on the market
  • Can lift nearly all personal and commercial vehicles
  • Space saving and reliable symmetrical design


  • Requires at least 4 inches of concrete slab
  • Insufficient instructions for beginners

Triumph NT-9 9000lbs Two Post Floor Car Lift Product Review

The Triumph NT-9 9000lbs Two Post Floor Car Lift is a great option if you want an easy to install, two-post lift that’s both affordable and reliable for use in a home garage.

The NT-9 is easy to assemble without any professional assistance. However, it’s recommendable that two friends or family members help you to mount this lift due to its weight.

The Triumph NT-9 9000lbs Two Post Floor Car Lift comes with a set of triple telescoping arms on one side and a set of double telescoping arms on the other that must be fitted on the frame of the car.

These arms allow users to accommodate a large range of vehicles, plus the car lift is a chain overdrive with equalizing cables that keep the arms aligned so there are no leveling issues as the vehicle raises and lowers.

An electrical power unit operates the whole car lift and houses a 3 horse motor with a capacity of 220 volts.

According to the manufacturer, the Triumph NT-9 car lift has a capacity of 9,000 lbs however it’s always advisable to exercise caution when approaching the maximum weight capacity.

It’s usually a good idea to be a few hundred under to test the limits as a precaution.

The Triumph NT-9 9000lbs Two Post Floor Car Lift is well-equipped with plenty of safety features and locking mechanisms to reduce risks and prevent accidents.

For example, the main column has a set of locks that prevent the car from falling in the case of an emergency.

Additionally, the NT-9 has a car lift safety lock mechanism on each arm that engages the moment the vehicle begins to lift. This keeps the car in the setting you require while preparing the vehicle for liftoff.

The four anchor bolts secure each column to the garage floor, which means that the NT-9 is permanently secured to the floor and can’t be relocated around your workplace.

The Triumph NT-9’s lift speed is variable and dependant on the amount of pressure generated by the motor-powered hydraulic pump.

The adjustable arms on the carriage assembly have a three-stage extension mechanism which means that the length of each arm is extendable in three stages.  This allows the arms to fit onto the chassis underside of the vehicles that fit in this 2-post vehicle lift.

This a great feature because the downside to symmetrical post lifts is that once the car is driven onto the lift, the front doors are next to the columns which prevent them from fully opening.


The Triumph NT-9 9000lbs Two Post Floor Car Lift is a reliable and affordable symmetrical 2-post car lift that accommodates most vehicles of standard width.

If you’re shopping around for a 2 post car lift for your workshop or personal garage, the NT-9 will certainly deliver!

As aforementioned,  Triumph trains its manufacturers to consistently deliver the best mechanical products that continuously develop with advances in technology.

The steel construction guarantees durability and the maximum arm lift height of 72 inches prooves that this vehicle can be lifted pretty high, meaning that even a taller person can inspect the bottom of a vehicle.

The weight capacity ration means that it should be able to lift most large-sized and heavy vehicles despite its deceptively small size.

What do you think about the Triumph NT-9 9000lbs Two Post Floor Car Lift?

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