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Ulti-MATE 23.5-inch Garage Wall Cabinet

Review Last Updated: 12th March 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • High-quality fiberboard
  • Graphite grey and black finish
  • Two adjustable shelves
  • Two easy-access doors
  • Beveled particle board bracket that is mounted to the wall with screws


Today we will be exploring the Ulti-MATE 23.5-inch Garage Wall Cabinet.

With an array of choices on the market, it can be quite a challenge dissecting what the best garage cabinet features. If you’re in the midst of your search, you’ve stopped at the right place.

Here at Top Review Zone, we like to examine the best products on the market thoroughly and hopefully bring confidence to your final decision. We choose a range of products with unique offerings that we think will be a match with at least one consumer reading.

When it comes to holding all your garage accessories in a well-organized manner, wall-mounted cabinets are an excellent choice, and some would argue the best on the market.

That said, it depends on what you need most from a cabinet. Wall cabinets are an excellent way of storing gear without compromising the volume of the room and leaves plenty of space to manoeuver around.

Please stick around to find out more about the Ulti-MATE 23.5-inch Garage Wall Cabinet.


  • Solid piece with heavy-duty materials
  • 5-year limited warranty against defects
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Shelves can be adjusted to help with closure and alignment


  • Might be too heavy for some users
  • Warranty is not as generous as other brands

Ulti-MATE 23.5-inch Garage Wall Cabinet Product Review

Wall-mounted cabinets are arguably one of the best storage units to choose for a garage; they are usually smaller in size – which doesn’t compromise in space – and leaves plenty of room for you to maneuver around your workspace.

The Ulti-MATE 23.5-inch Garage Wall Cabinet is just one of many offerings in today’s sphere, and it is, without a doubt, one of the best. It has made an impression with do-it-yourselfers and has decluttered chaos in a range of garages.

This wall-mounted cabinet has two well-crafted doors, which makes it easy for users to access in and out of the cabinet, without the struggle. Easy access is especially crucial for manual workers needing quick access to their work tools.

It is compact, with dimensions of 25.3-inches in width, 12.5-inches in-depth, and a 30-inch height. It is the perfect size to fit in a standard size garage and will leave the user with plenty of room below to create a workspace or other use to entertain various lifestyles.

This cabinet offers consumers two shelves, which can hole up to 100 lbs on each, and the shelves are adjustable, which enables you to meet your requirements. This is quite an impressive feat for a wall-mounted cabinet.

Made from fiberboard, a material that is highly dense and robust, will mean gaining a storage solution that is durable and dependable. It is a high-quality type of particleboard, which tends to be more substantial – the Ulti-MATE wall cabinet has a weight of 60 pounds.

Not only does the Ulti-MATE offer consumers with a storage solution, but it also looks the part. It has an astonishing graphite grey and black finish, which will blend into your garage without bringing shoddiness to your ordered room.

This wall cabinet is on the market at a standard price and won’t break the bank; however, we always recommend confirming your budget before getting attached to a particular model.

Should you invest in this wall cabinet, you will experience peace of mind with an included five-year limited warranty to cover you against product defects.


Overall, the Ulti-MATE 23.5-inch Garage Wall Cabinet offers consumers a wall-mounted cabinet that is sturdy and can host a crowded room of garage accessories, all while freeing up plenty of space for other garage activities.

If your garage is small and space is limited, the Ulti-MATE wall cabinet is a perfect choice for you. If you want an attractive cabinet, then the Ulti-MATE has a classic exterior that will complete a room’s look.

It is worth noting that this cabinet comes with a generous five-year limited warranty, which we suggest thoroughly examining before signing up to it so that you can make the most of the cabinet and its lifespan.

Have you used the Ulti-MATE 23.5-inch Garage Wall Cabinet before? What did you think of it?
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