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Versace Diamond Eau De Toilette

Review Last Updated: 2nd April 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • 3 Fl Oz


Next up for discussion here at Top Review Zone in our search for the Best Perfume for Women is Versace Diamond Eau De Toilette.

From its striking bottle design to its bold and fruity scent, we will be putting Versace Diamond Eau De Toilette under the microscope taking in its pros and cons so you don’t have to.

So sit back and relax as we delve right in!



  • Sparkling mediterranean fragrance
  • Striking yellow bottle
  • Perfect summer day scent


  • Too bright for evenings

Versace Diamond Eau De Toilette Product Review

Known for its high fashion and luxury, Versace was established back in 1978 by Gianni Versace, but following his death is now directed by his sister Donatella Versace, who is arguably one of the most famous and influential names in fashion.

Known as the Italian powerhouse of fashion, Versace specialises in upmarket ready-to-wear fashion and leather accessories, but their talents do not end there, the brand is also well known for its fine fragrances, one of which; Versace Diamond Eau De Toilette we will be discussing here at Top Review Zone.

Taking one glance at Versace Diamond Eau De Toilette, it is clear to see that Versace wanted it to stand out. The bottle features a cap designed to look like a large yellow diamond featuring the luxury of clean geometry, and the bottle itself follows suit and matches the yellow theme. This bottle sure will look great sitting on your shelves as beauty reflects itself in the transparency of the diamond and beams crystalline light. Discussing why she opted for yellow for Versace Diamond Eau De Toilette, Donatell Versace herself said “the color yellow recalls the brightness, sensuality, and great energy of this fragrance, able to depict and emphasize the charm and femininity of a woman”.

The Versace Diamond Eau De Toilette fragrance includes many scent notes such as;

-Citron from Diamante
-Pear Sorbet
-Orange blossom
-Amber Wood
-Palo Santo

All of which work together to compliment each other well. You may think that this fragrance will be overpowering given the mass amount of notes listed above, but with Versace Diamond Eau De Toilette it is much to the contrary.

Opening the scent notes is citron, fresh sorbet, bergamot and neroli all of which provide a sweet and fresh scent. Following this you can look to notice the subtle notes of orange blossom, a light tint of freesia and mimosa and finally nymphea giving you floral and aquatic tones. The base notes of Versace Diamond Eau De Toilette will add a final scent of amber woods, palo santo wood and musk to give an earthy and understated under-body.

Given it has been produced by such a well established and luxury brand, the Versace Diamond Eau De Toilette fragrance is reasonably priced compared to others available on the market and those we have reviewed here at Top Review Zone.

For the price you pay, you will receive 3 Fl Oz which users have been quick to praise saying that this will last a long time given that one spray of the fragrance lingers on the skin and garments throughout the day.


With so many different scent notes within the Versace Diamond Eau De Toilette it is hard not to enjoy this sweet yet musky fragrance, as it has something to cater to everyone’s needs.

For the amount of fragrance you receive in the bottle, we think it has been really reasonably priced considering its brand and the quality of products associated with it.

Here at Top Review Zone, we really liked the Versace Diamond Eau De Toilette, but let us know your thoughts and whether you agree with us. If you don’t, we have taken a look at many other fragrances on our Best Perfumes for Women round-up review so do be sure to check that out below too!


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