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Wahl Beard Trimmer Set

Review Last Updated: 8th April 2020
Product Review by Adam
Product Features
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Multiple attachments
  • 14 different cutting lengths
  • Dual voltage


Selecting a beard trimmer can be a difficult task; the market is full of great products that can make choosing one a rather tricky task.

Here at Top Review Zone, we want to help you choose the best beard trimmer for you. We will look at various categories to determine how appropriate each product is.

Today we will be looking at a Wahl Beard Trimmer Set. Founded by Leo J. Wahl in 1919, Wahl is a brand with years of experience in the industry.

So let’s waste no more time and cut straight into this review of the Wahl Beard Trimmer Set.

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  • Budget-price
  • Trusted brand
  • Travel bag included


  • Lacks more attachments
  • Batteries required for nose trimmer

Wahl Beard Trimmer Set Product Review

As with many beard trimmers, this particular model comes complete with a full set of features to help fit your shaving demands, included with this Wahl beard trimmer are the following items:

– Three stubble combs
– Four hair guide combs
– Storage bag
– Styling guide
– Self-sharpening precision blade

For a slightly higher price, you can secure a set with more items; however we think that there is plenty here to get you started.

The blades are made from stainless steel, which is excellent for durability and preventing rust over the lifetime of the product. They also feature a self-sharpening system, which will ensure your blades remain in peak condition at all times.

Fourteen different cutting lengths can be achieved with this trimmer giving it divine cutting capabilities and making it ideal for a wide range of beard styles. The trimming lengths range from as short as 1/16 inches to 1/2 inches.

Also included with this beard trimmer are nose and ear trimmer attachments. This will make tending to them unwanted hairs in these regions a breeze. These attachments feature a head that is suitable for rinsing in water.

The battery for this model is rechargeable and comes complete with a charging cord. Wahl suggests that a fully charged trimmer can achieve up to 40 minutes of operational time.

Unfortunately, this nose trimmer requires a 1AA battery; this isn’t included with the product, so it will need to be purchased separately.

Despite this, it’s difficult to complain when this product is priced so reasonably and buying some additional batteries isn’t going to break the bank.

Wahl is a brand you can trust to deliver a high-quality product; many professionals in the barbering industry use their products worldwide. Their products provide a smoothly precise trim, which will help shape or trim your beard to perfection.

If you do like this product but would rather have a battery-only powered model, Wahl does offer a slightly cheaper model that comes with the same features.


Overall, this is an excellent beard trimmer set manufactured by a huge name in the industry, and a brand you can trust.

It would be nice to see more attachments for this trimmer; however, we think this product is better suited as a perfect addition to a travel bag when going on vacation.

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