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Westlake SL369 Off-Road Radial Tire

Review Last Updated: 12th March 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • 45.5lb Weight
  • 15 Inch Rim Width
  • 31 Rim Diameter


The Westlake SL369 Off-Road Radial Tire is designed to tackle rocky and off-road conditions head-on!

Off-road tires are mud equipped and are built for all-terrain use! This equips your vehicle with the appropriate technology that delivers strong traction and handling.

Westlake Tires aims to and successfully delivers an expansive line that covers light truck, SUV, CUV applications, passenger and performance.

According to their website, Westlake Tires strive to provide everyday value with an uncompromising commitment to creating a balance in their tires’ performance, quality and value.

The Westlake SL369 Off-Road Radial Tire excels in all terrains and off-road or highway performance. The result for you is a smoother and more stable ride in dry, rocky, rugged and muddy conditions.

Additionally, the SL369’s reliable traction in multiple driving conditions for year-round performance.

Let’s jump into the review and find out why!


  • Great tread life
  • Comfortable riding
  • Great value for money
  • Excellent on and off road traction


  • It would be great to see a larger variety of sizes

Westlake SL369 Off-Road Radial Tire Product Review

The Westlake SL369 Off-Road Radial Tire has been manufactured to deliver dependable performance on both on and off-road light terrain. The SL369 from Westlake Tires is designed for drivers of all types of SUVs, pickups, and crossovers.

The aggressive tread pattern and deeper tread blocks provide the SL369 with a longer-lasting tread life at a much lower cost than competitor tire brands.

The durable, all-season tread compound and unique pattern tackle solid, dry and wet traction on the street with the durability and strength that’s necessary for driving off-road in dirt, sand, gravel, grass and light mud.

For additional durability, the inside of this steel-belted tire contains a polyester cord body that greater contributes towards the already impressive treadwear, durability, and strength. The wide grooves repel water to reduce any possibility of hydroplaning.

Some of the vehicles that this tire fit includes;

  • Tacoma, Toyota Highlander, and the 4-Runner
  • Dakota, Dodge Ram, and the Durango
  • Tahoe, Trailblazer, Suburban, Chevrolet Silverado and the K-Blazer
  • Ford Ranger and the F-Series

The SL369 Off-Road Radial Tire’s wide circumferential grooves channel away water for greater wet traction, while reducing the risk of hydroplanning.

Hydroplaning is a dangerous road risk that happens in wet weather conditions. These conditions can cause the vehicle to skid due to a loss of contact and friction with the wet and slippery road surface.

The force of the water can cut off the tire from its necessary contact with the road or off-road terrain, which is called hydroplaning.

Additionally, the variable pitch tread sequence is great for reducing outside road noise for comfortable riding experience.

This tire is amazingly well manufactured and requires minimum effort whole mounting, and it needs balancing which is usually a sign that it’s been well built!

The Westlake SL369 Off-Road Radial Tires are built for the challenge, which is what makes them perfect for both on-road and off-road tracks.

This makes it easy for the driver to transition from the highway to a rocky and muddy-off road path.

To summarise some of the most useful features include a Max Flange Shield which protects the rims from scuffs and scrapes, an asymmetric tread design for increased handling and reliable traction is perfect for multiple driving conditions for year-round performance.

Therefore, these tires will safely transport you through the forest, desert and across the country a thousand times easier.


The Westlake SL369 Off-Road Radial Tire provides the strength and traction that you need to conquer both on and off-road muddy paths.

This tire boasts the durability and strength that’s necessary for driving in sand, dirt, grass, gravel and light mud.

Don’t panic if you’re faced with a low of snow and ice because the SL369 effortlessly tackles hardcore elements thanks to its long-lasting tread life and polyester cord body!

Choosing a tire by Westlake will guarantee you excellent value, performance, and long-lasting quality. The SL369 is a great choice for somebody who’s looking for a low price, all-terrain tire that provides good traction on wet and dry surfaces.

Overall, the Westlake SL369 Off-Road Radial Tire is undoubtedly one of the most highly recommendable budget tires on the market!

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