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Worth 18-Inch Battery Chainsaw

Review Last Updated: 11th March 2020
Product Review by Adam
Product Features
  • Oregon 18-Inch bar and chain
  • 84V battery power
  • Weighs 20.9lbs


Battery-powered chainsaws are a popular option due to their versatility when compared to their corded counterparts.  

Their batteries allow them to be utilized almost anywhere, making them sawing jobs that much easier. 

They also tend to be less noisy and generally much more comfortable to maneuver. 

Today at Top Review Zone, we’re going to be taking a look at the Worth 18-Inch Battery Chainsaw.

Let’s get straight into the review and see what this excellent battery chainsaw is all about!


  • Lots of safety features
  • Automatic oiler system
  • 30 minute charge time
  • Tool-free chain tensioning system


  • Premium price
  • One of the heavier battery chainsaws
  • Reports of battery getting too hot

Worth 18-Inch Battery Chainsaw Product Review

The Worth 18-Inch Battery Chainsaw is one of the longer battery-powered chainsaw available on the market. 

The 18-Inch Oregon chain gives the product great versatility and makes it perfect for small to medium cuts while maintaining reasonable maneuverability.

However, the long blade and chain combine for a product weight of just under 21lbs, which isn’t ideal for maneuverability. 

Despite this weight, this product remains light when compared to similar 18-Inch models of battery-powered chainsaws. 

The battery produces a powerful 84V, which leads to excellent cutting power. 

Manufacturers Worth suggest that 600 cuttings of branches 2-4 inches in diameter can be achieved when fully charged. 

The 84V lithium battery can be fully charged in just 30 minutes and is compatible with several other Worth products. 

As with most battery-powered electric chainsaws, this product features an automatic oiling system helping towards the durability and longevity of the saw. 

A tool-free chain tensioning system is included. However, this product does not feature a variable speed button.

For safety purposes, the chainsaw comes equipped with a powerful brake system. 

The last feature we like is the brushless motor. It gives the chainsaw more power, torque, and longer durability. 




Overall this is an excellent choice if you require a battery chainsaw with a powerful battery and a longer blade. 

We like the fact this chainsaw comes with an 18-inch bar and a powerful brake system to ensure its users’ safety. 

This product would be the perfect addition to a homeowner’s garden, combining a longer blade with a lightweight design. 

Several key features make this an excellent investment; however, it does come at a premium price. What do you think about this battery-powered chainsaw, have you got an opinion? 

Hit the comments section below and tell us today! 

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