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Yoleo Adjustable Weight Bench

Review Last Updated: 2nd July 2020
Product Review by Jack
Product Features
  • 330lb Maximum Weight Capacity
  • 6ft Max User Height
  • 7 Position Adjustable Backrest
  • Anti-Slip Feet
  • Resitance Band Attachment


Today we’re going to be reviewing the Yoleo Adjustable Weight Bench.

The Yoleo Adjustable Weight Bench is a great starter weight bench for those new to fitness and just venturing into weight lifting.

The reason this weight bench is so great for beginners is that it allows them to perform a full-body workout straight from the off.

Keep on reading to find out why those who have used the Yoleo Adjustable Weight Bench rated it so highly, and why we think this weight bench may just be the bench for you.



  • Foldable
  • Non-slip foot cover
  • 7 Incline Positions
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Budget friendly


  • Unsuitable for intermediate use
  • Unsuitable for users over 6ft

Yoleo Adjustable Weight Bench Product Review

Yoleo Adjustable Weight Bench Construction/Design

Product Specification:

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 330lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 1295mm x 300mm x 1180mm
  • 7 Adjustable Positions for Backrest
  • Anti-slip Feet

The Yoleo Adjustable Weight Bench is a perfect weight bench to begin your fitness journey with due to its great multifunctionality.

It’s made from heavy-duty steel, which can hold a maximum weight capacity of 330lbs which is spot on for beginners.

The backrest is adjustable to 7 positions, including incline, flat, upright and decline which is perfect those who wish to perform a  full-body workout and target specific areas of the chest, maximizing your strength and muscle building potential.

The backrest and seat is made from high-density foam, which provides support and comfort for the user, it is coated in a high-quality PU leather to ensure long shelf life, and ease of cleaning.

A pretty unique feature of this weight bench is that it comes with a resistance band that attaches to the front leg of the bench, this is great for those wishing to perform a full-body workout as it provides a great option to mix up their workout.

There are also 4-inch thick foam leg pads that will hold the user firmly in position when the bench is being used in the decline position.

The bench is also great for those who wish to build a home gym but are worried about a lack of space, as it can be folded up for storage into a very handsome and ergonomic shape.

The feet have anti-slip qualities which are good news becomes this enhances the stability and safety of the Yoleo Adjustable Weight Bench.

Check out the video below for a great beginner’s chest workout.


So, would I recommend the Yoleo Adjustable Weight Bench?

Yes, I would definitely recommend this weight bench for beginners due to its superb functionality and low price tag, it is a perfect entry workout bench.

Whether you are working your pectorals or smashing out sets of biceps curls with the awesome resistance band or even blasting out crunches with the benches decline angle, you’ll be sure to have an amazing workout with the Yoleo Adjustable Weight Bench.

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Have a great workout!

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