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Zenph Pop Up Tent

Review Last Updated: 12th March 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • Net Isolation of Mosquitoes
  • 3-Second Auto Opening
  • PU Waterproof Coating


The Zenph Pop Up Tent has an automatic opening that’s completed in three seconds when thrown in the air.

User-friendly, spacious and comfortable tents are perfect for providing a cozy experience in the great outdoors.

If you’re camping with kids, most tents even offer enough space to set up a cot or a chair and tables.

If you’re shopping for your first tent, you should make sure that it delivers you protection from the elements, somewhere to store your belongings and a reliable place to catch up on sleep!

This Zenph Pop Up Tent offers great space and a reliable shelter solution for two to three people.

Let’s take a closer look at the Zenph Pop Up Tent!


  • Breathable material that provides ventilaiton
  • Waterproof and moisture proof
  • Thick floor material
  • Great internal storage solutions


  • The polyester carry case is a little thin
  • Not suitable for harsh weather

Zenph Pop Up Tent Product Review

The Zenph Automatic 2-3 Person Family Camping Tent has a three-dimensional ventilation system that strengthens air convection and promotes double ventilation.

The ventilation outlets of this tent are equipped with B3 gauze and the front door is designed with a double door, external gate and screen door to prevent the invasion of mosquitos.

The whole tent has a PU waterproof coating that’s far more superior than rubber or other commonly used materials.

The external tent is 2000MM waterproof and the base of the tent can reach 3000MM. Additionally, the outer ledger material is a flexible 68D 185t polyester and the bottom material is a durable 150D Oxford cloth.

The interior has useful storage pockets that are perfect for cell phones, wallets, and coins. Also, there are further details like the mesh panel that provides breathability while keeping out mosquitos and pests.

The slightly thicker bathtub style floor has a 3000mm hydrostatic head which prevents small rocks and shells from piercing the bottom of your tent.

The main tent material and seams are well stitched, and the tent inner and rainfly are completely separated which means moisture works harder to get through.

If it rains, the Zenph Pop Up Tent will withstand casual showers and moderate wetness.

However, this tent is unsuitable for use in torrential rain and other harsh weather conditions.

Although the poles don’t provide the ultimate amount of strength, their flexibility means that they can be packed away pretty easily, with only a few failed attempts while you try to get the hang of it.


The Zenph Pop Up Tent provides a comfortable shelter for up to three people in fair weather conditions.

The breathable, waterproof material and thick bathtub style floor provide fantastic comfort, so you’re guaranteed a peaceful night’s sleep.

This popular tent is also easy to pack away and transport from your campsite to the car. Plus, the compact carrying case makes it easy to neatly store the Zenph Pop Up Tent when it’s not in use.

Lastly, the 2000mm hydrostatic head on the main tent material and the seams are very well glued and stitched. This feature, along with the separated rainfly means moisture needs to work harder to get through the tent.

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