Knowing and using the mechanical knowledge about vehicles and their maintenance is very important to keep your vehicle fit and efficient. But, only the knowledge is not enough to do and keep the things alright always. For that, it requires the right tools & machinery and proper use of them. In our quickjack review we have discussed our practical experience about quick jack.

Using inadequate tools can lead you to a lot of problems started from a frustration of wasted time to broken parts of cars. On the other hand, use of required tools accurately can ensure your safety and well-being along with perfection of work.

There are so many tools you can use for vehicle servicing and maintenance according to requirements. The quick jack car lift is one of them. Drivers use a quick jack to lift up the vehicle or part of the vehicle safely in order to change the tires or/and do any other maintenance. If you’ve a car then you already have known that most of the cars come with a jack just like an unavoidable tool. But, for added safety and convenience, often, they feel for a second option. A quick jack is the best solution in this regard.

What is QuickJack

The QuickJack is an amazing car lifting system that allows you to easily lift your car in the air within a few seconds. It’s an automated tool which operated by electricity, all you need to do is push a simple button to let the tool to lift the car and the rest will be done by the tool automatically. This is the by far easiest way to lift a car and anyone with the lowest knowledge about the car can do this.

The QuickJack comes with 4 jack stand which allows you to quickly lift your car in the maximum height. As a result, you can easily stand under the car for working comfortably. The tool is made out of high-quality rugged steel construction and it can easily stand any kind of vehicles within the shortest time. The jack stand also has auto locking features which keep the car secure when it is in the air.

There are three varieties of Quick Jack available in the market based on their weight capacity. The models of the QuickJack also differ on power and lifting capacity. BL-3500SLX, BL-5000SLX, BL-7000SLX, etc. are some of the common models of the QuickJack.

How It Works

The QuickJack is now vastly used for the speed cars in the time of racing because of it quick lifting capability. Besides, it takes around one hour to make the tool ready for working. At first, you will need to put the QuickJack frames into the position on the floor where the car will be lifted. The steel mounted ethereal wheels will help you to easily move the frames in your preferred destination without any efforts. There is no handlebar to move the frame but the tool is still easily movable by using your fingers.

Then you will need to move the car to the destination. The Quick Jack offer different types of power option. You will need to connect the tool with the power supply carefully. Then you will need to position the car between the QuickJack frames. After that, move the frames under the car and position the rubber lift blocks at the recommended location.

There is a UP control unit which let you start the process of lifting the car. Keep the car moving until your car went to the preferred height. Remember that the QuickJack work by hydraulic energy. So you will need to work carefully.

Quickjack Review 2019

From a good number of available quick jacks out there in the market we initially took 18 most user-appreciated models. Then, our team of experts has started their research. They have taken so many things under consideration like performance graph, features, safety, functional smoothness, easiness of use and maintenance, weight capacity, compatibility, maneuverability etc. After hours of research they have taken top 5 from that list. Here we are going to brief about these listed quick jack reviews. Let’s go for it.

#1. QuickJack BL-5000SLX Car Lift

The vehicle maintenance has become fast, easy and convenient with the QuickJack portable lifting system like QuickJack BL-5000SLX Car Lift. Due to the easily portable structure you can take it anywhere and stow it in the back seat of your car or trunk when you don’t use it.

QuickJack 5175376 BL-5000SLX Car Lift Price: $1,365.00 QuickJack 5175376 BL-5000SLX Car Lift Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 03/06/2019

The QuickJack BL-5000SLX is a 110 Volt lift, which is capable of lifting around 5000 lbs. Any vehicle weighs less than that can be lifted easily. You just need to position the unit simply under the vehicle, and then push the raise button.

There is a remote pendant control (handheld), which will start working then and within a minute the entire car will be lifted almost 2 feet off the ground. Tire changes, chassis tuning, any other maintenance will be hassle-free.

As said above, it’s very portable. The main reason is that it has a very small footprint. In this way it can save your space and you can use it even at any smaller garage too. The 3 inches clearance capacity of this unit makes it easy for sliding under any type of low sitting vehicle, which is not very much common to most of the same range portable lifts.


  • Remote control pendent.
  • Easily storable unit with the small footprint feature.
  • 3″ clearance makes easier dealing with the low setting vehicle.
  • Quiet while in use.
  • Automatic dual locks adds enhanced safety.


  • Quite heavy to carry; requires two man.
  • Requires conclusive precaution to raise the car over it.

#2. Jack Quick 3000 JQ-3000 12V Electric Tongue Jack

Due to the high lifting capacity this quick jack is termed as an electric tongue. It can lift up to 3250 lbs. with the heavy duty hardened gears. But, one thing should be mentioned about it that it doesn’t lift up the entire vehicle, rather it lifts up one end. The unique Jack Quick 3000 JQ-3000 12V Electric Tongue Jack works very well for lifting trailers so you can put the hitch on it easily and quickly.

Quick Products JQ-3000 Electric Tongue Jack Price: $102.38 Quick Products JQ-3000 Electric Tongue Jack Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 03/06/2019

It comes with 2.25 inch post that is well-fit into all type of 2.25 inch A-frames. To equalize the bars it comes with 18” travel for every attachment. Overall dimension is 31” x 7.5” x 7.5”. The dual LED lights make things visible even in dark and working easy. You can even read the instructions or anything with the help of the lights. The weight is very light, so you can transport it anywhere at any time.

Another amazing feature it has is the weather resistant vinyl cover with a bigger size zinc plated footplate that keeps the unit protected from weather impact. It has one year replacement warranty if the quick jack stops working.


  • Easily conveyable for the small and lightweight design.
  • LED lights makses it easy to see while working in dark.
  • Great unit for lifti​ng the large trailers.
  • Quick and quiet lifting.
  • Power efficient.


  • Lifts the vehicle very slowly.

#3. BendPak 7000SLX-AC (110V) QuickJack by Ranger

Ranger has been famous due to quality production. It has made the buyers and users kind of fan to the products made by it. In the quick jack market, the Ranger has a strong domination from the beginning. The BendPak 7000SLX-AC (110V) QuickJack is one of the ideal examples come out of this manufacturer.

Ranger BL-7000SLX QuickJack Portable Car Lifting System - 7,000 Pound Capacity (110VAC) Price: $2,009.49 Ranger BL-7000SLX QuickJack Portable Car Lifting System - 7,000 Pound Capacity (110VAC) Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 03/06/2019

The BendPak from Ranger is available in 3 different capacities- 3000, 5000, and 7000 lbs. And, they are compatible to 2 different power sources- 12VDC and 110VAC. Here we are going to discuss the last one- 7000lbs and 110VAC. At this power, the AC motor this version can lift the car around 1 minute.

The weight capacity makes the lift unique. 7000 lbs. weight lifting feature admits it to lift the larger cars and many other vehicles easily. It has a brilliant performance report from the users and amazingly it doesn’t go obsolete as reported.

There is automatic safety latches integrated with the quick jack. It has added enhanced safety while raising or lowering the vehicles at the time of maintenance or sudden checking.

The BendPack 7000SLX-AC has another excellent feature, which is its stability. When the vehicles are being raised, with the help of the safety latches it stays firmly without being unstable for a moment. Unless it gets worn due to long-time use, you can expect this stability granted as reported by most of the real analysis. You will really have peace of your mind.


  • Huge weight lifting capacity.
  • Brilliant stability either in raising or in lowering the vehicles.
  • Simple to use, slide it underneath the car and press the button.
  • Safe power maintenance.
  • Automatic safety latches.


  • Bulky and less portable.
  • Takes a bit more time to raise or lower the vehicles.
  • Not shipped with automatic transmission fluid, need to purchase before use.

#4. BL-5000SLX by QuickJack 12-Volt Car Lift

QuickJack is a well-renowned car lift manufacturer all over the world. Among good numbers of quality productions, the BL-5000SLX by QuickJack 12-Volt Car Lift is a unique one. This unit is available in 2 different capacities- 3500, 5000 lbs. with 2 different power sources- 110VAC and 12VDC. We are reviewing the last one- 5000lbs and 12VDC in this article.

BL-5000SLX by QuickJack - 5,000 Lifting Capacity, 12-Volt DC - Portable Car Lift Price: BL-5000SLX by QuickJack - 5,000 Lifting Capacity, 12-Volt DC - Portable Car Lift Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 03/06/2019

The unit comes with ‘ready to assemble’ setup and you need to fix them. To unpack and get together the parts you might take a little bit more time and face a bit difficulty, although this is not something complicated.

The main problem is hard to understand instruction manual. You may need around 3 hours for that. Once you know it then it becomes nothing tough to you. But, if you google, you will find good assembly video, which will be enough for you.

It has better mobility, and you can use a small portable battery jumper to ensure it. You can use it under many of the low sitting vehicles. This means versatility in work.

It works great. You just need to slide the lift underneath the vehicle and press the button. It lifts the car over it very fast. You will get plenty of height, which is not less than 20 inches. The function is too smooth that you will find nearly no scratches down there after completing the job.


  • Great for​ mid-range vehicle lifting.
  • Compatible with low sitting vehicles.
  • Better m​obility.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Can use portable battery jumper.


  • Time taking setup.
  • Extremely tight on height getting the car over the jacks

#5. Jack Quick 3500 JQ-3500B 12V Electric Tongue Jack

This is another pick of our best quick jack reviews list. It has a heavy duty steel construction, which is more strong and durable than many other quick jacks. Let’s know a bit more about it.

Quick Products JQ-3500B Electric Tongue Jack-Black Price: $147.95 Quick Products JQ-3500B Electric Tongue Jack-Black Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 03/06/2019

The Jack Quick 3500 JQ-3500B 12V Electric Tongue Jack is a 12V power motor controlled compact car lift. It has 3650 lbs. weight lifting capacity, although, it can lift more as reported. Like the 3000 JQ-3000 model, it has the same sized 2.25 inches post which is well-fit to all type of 2.25 inches A-frames.

To equalize the bars it comes with 18” travel for every attachment like that model mentioned above. The dimension of this unit is 34 x 9.6 x 6.8 inches. Sets of dual LED lights make things visible and show the readings even in dark.

Like the 3000 model it has the same amazing feature. The weather resistant vinyl cover with a bigger size zinc plated footplate keeps the unit protected from weather impact. It has one year replacement warranty if the quick jack stops working. The weight is very light, so you can transport it anywhere at any time.


  • Strong and durable structure.
  • Heavy duty and perfect for lifting the trailers.
  • Easy to install.
  • Ease of carry for the small and lightweight design.
  • LED light system makes it easy to see while working in dark.
  • Quick and quiet lifting.


  • Grounding problems reported.
  • Works comparatively slow.

How to setup QuickJack

The process of setting up a Quick Jack is very easy. Follow the below process to set up any variation QuickJack within the shortest time

First Step

​ At first, park your car on a flat surface and make sure that there is enough space around the car to lift it without damaging anything. If you are confused about where to lift the car then you can simply lift the car in the place where you were using to lift your car previously with other tools. After parking the car in the right place simply put the frames on each side of the car. Then connect the drip resistant hydraulic hoses and connect it with the power supply.

Second Step

You are almost done. Click on the “up” button from the control and the car will start lifting automatically. The control panel works like a remote control, it will continue rising as long as you keep the up button clicking. As soon as the car lifted in your preferred height, remove your hand from the control panel.

Third Step

The QuickJack also has a safety lock to keep the car protected when it is on the air. Normally there are two options for securing the safety lock. The first option lifts the car in a medium height where you can lift the car in enough in a position from where you can easily change the tire. However, this height will not be good for working or fixing the car by staying under the car.

The second height position allows you to lift the car in the highest position from where you can easily work beneath the car. The interesting thing about the QuickJack is it allows lifting the car higher than the jack stands. As a result, you can fix anything comfortably by staying beneath the car. The QuickJack can lift your car on around 20inch which is very rare in the normal hydraulic lifts

Last Step

After your work is done, you will need to lower the car. Lowering the car is as easy as lifting it with QuikJack. At first, you will need to click on the “Up” button to lower the tension of the locking bar. Now press on the “Down” button to ground the car. As soon as you click the button, your car will start dropping slowly.

As soon as the car comes in ground position, you will be able to easily pull out the frames and keep it at your preferred place. Another interesting thing about the QuickJack is you will be able to easily disassemble it whenever needed. This feature makes the tool portable and makes the maintenance process easy.

QuickJack Problems and Solutions

As like as other machinery, the QuickJack itself also has some problems. Many users claimed that though they set up the machine correctly, it doesn’t start. The problems happen mainly because of using less quantity of hydraulic fluid. You must full the cylinder with the mentioned quantity of fluid before you try to use the machine. Otherwise, the machine will not work most of the time.

Another problem of the QuickJack is sometimes it becomes problematic to connect the hose with the pump. This problem happens mainly because of the o ring. To solve this problem you will need to fit the o ring without any leakage. You can solve any kind of problems from the local service providers at a cheap price.

QuickJack is very much concerned about their customer. Simply call the customer support service of the QuickJack if you simply cannot solve the problem you are facing with your tool. The customer service number of QuickJack is (805) 421-5114.

This is true that the previous versions of some problems. However, QuickJack always tries to keep their product up to date. As a result, they always bring upgradation to this tool. You will hardly notice any error in the new QuickJack versions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the QuickJack safe?

Every year thousands of people get killed or injured by floor jack and jack stand. But the QuickJack is highly optimized to ensure your safety 100% with it effective safety feature and operation.

How does the locking system work?

All the version of this tool comes with a simply designed but effective safety lock. The lock bar can be positioned in two points. They are mid-level and the max-level.

AC/DC power unit speeds difference?

The DC operated QuickJack rise very quickly. It takes around 18 seconds to rise fully. The AC unit takes a little bit extra time for rising. It takes around 31 seconds to rise.

Can I disconnect the power unit and hoses after the lift is raised and locked?

Yes, you can easily disconnect the hose as soon as the tool locked in a position.

Can I use SUV adapter on BL-3500?

The SUV comes with wider adapters when the BL-3500 has narrower block trays. The BL-3500 is not perfect for truck and SUV’s.

Does the hydraulic fluid come with the QuickJack?

The QuickJack doesn’t come with hydraulic fluid. You will need to buy the fluid separately. You can use any non-foaming, non-detergent, standard 10-weight hydraulic oil on the QuickJack.

Can I get longer hoses for my QuickJack?

Yes, you can get a longer hose for your QuickJack. However, you will need to purchase it separately.

Can I drive over the QuickJack frames?

You can drive over the QuickJack frames. But never drive on the QuickJack when it is in the top.

How to Choose the QuickJack : Buying Guide

There are certainly few things that you should keep into your consideration at the time of choosing or buying a quality quick jack which fits best with your requirements.


Safety is one of the most vital things to consider before you select or purchase a quick jack car lift. To ensure this the brand name plays an important role. Always pick the best brand’s product because of trusted and tested safety mechanism.

When it’s about the competition among the best brands to pick your ideal option, then read the safety features and follow instruction manual clearly. Which one you seem more accurate and clearly described should the pick. You can download the manual or read the safety related reviews from online. If you know anyone with expertize about the issue, then it’s better to consult with him.

Different safety features like automatic safety locks, zero-leak fittings, extended block trays etc. add extra appeal to the users. The products what have these type of safety assurance should be kept in your list.

Functional Smoothness

Functional smoothness is certainly a key matter to look at when you are searching or buying a car lift for your vehicles. When do you need a quick jack lift usually? Obviously, at the time of sudden necessity or must to be fulfilled situation, right?

If the lift starts working and becomes slow as well as technically unsound, you must not feel good. Even it might be a cause of serious harm to you – either time loss or plan miss or something else serious.

So, always try to select that lift which has fast and smooth working capability as reported. Be careful about the error free function and capability of performing as it has been expected to do.

Easiness of Use and Maintenance

While raising one 3000 lbs. vehicle, you don’t require the additional diversion of attempting to make sense of the undertaking of your lift. Most of the car lifts appear to be natural and easy to utilize, and it’s usually a phenomenal plan to contemplate the user manual & study the total control settings prior to your beginning of using the car.

Under-Car Access

A basic complain against old model car lifts was that it was so hard to get it from one side of the vehicle to other side through underneath. Regularly, you might have to wheel from one side to another of your car around those wheels to catch to each entrance point you expected to deal with. Lift’s access to go undercar is urgent in light of the fact that it offers you the flexibility to perform upkeep on your car without stopping in the center and the move positions.

Weight capacity

Weightlifting capacity must be one of your obvious factors to think. Each of the lifts come with a maximum capacity. It might be 3000 lbs., 5000 lbs., 7000 lbs. or anything else. It’s necessary to remind that a jack usually can lift more weight over the recommended maximum limit. Ensure that it doesn’t go beyond the reasonable capacity.

Why are you going to purchase a jack? If you want to use it for a small sports car, then a 3000lbs/25lbs. capacity lift is enough for that. If you go for a medium or large sedan, van or pickup, then you should obviously pick one with 7000 lbs. to 10000 lbs. weight lifting capability.


Dimension and weight is the key factor to determine the level of mobility of a quick jack. It’s natural that a much weight lifting capacity jack will be of much weighty and less moveable. And, opposite happens to a smaller weight lifting capacity jack. You should decide here according to your vehicle size and other comforts.


Your approximate maximum budget plays very vital role to determine what type of quick jack you are going to get. For a quality one you must need to invest a bit more. But, balancing between the necessity and budget is always tough, what you have to do here too. However, to get a standard lift, you should spend at least $1500. As much as your budget increases so much you will get options available to you.

Final Words

This is all about our analysis of quickjack review. We tried to give our best so that it can be a great assistance to you while selecting or purchasing one from so many options available there.

As you know the stuff required for and you have a good list of top quick jaws, so it’s your turn to check it out for you. You can do it according to your need. But, we affirm one thing that each of the selected products has its own proven worth.


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