If you are planning to buy iRobot for your home, here is an insanely comparison of the Roomba 690 vs. 890 that will make your shopping enjoyable. Home is a sweet place. But dust can turn it into a hell. Clean floors and surfaces make a paradise home. This review compares the Roomba 690 vs 890 for the best purchase.

Before we get into details, here is an overview of what you expect!

1. A Review of Each Product on;

  • Notable features
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Pros and Cons

2. A Detailed Comparison of the Two

IRobot is the number one brand in sales of robot vacuum cleaners. However, not all robots are the same. For whichever product you choose, many people do not know the best according to their needs. Luckily, before we drop the case, you will win the market with wise decisions.

ROOMBA 690 Review

This mid-range vacuum cleaner comes equipped with me latest technology. It has a price that makes it even more comfortable to buy. The Wi-Fi connectivity makes it more responsive to use. Moreover, you can operate it from the Smartphone. In the market, you may get Roomba 690 as Roomba 691 or 696.


  • This model has a height of fewer than 10 inches (precisely 914 inches). Such height individualizes its comfort to clean under low types of furniture, such as the bed, radiators, coffee tables or sofas.
  • It has a perfect cleaning system that works in three phases; a rotating side brush designed specifically to descale, vacuum the dust and dirt of carpets or hard floors.
  • Integrates a series of sensors and algorithms that allow you to clean efficiently, without losing time in turn, and return to the charging base automatically when running out of battery.
  • Bring a home base, power cord, and a rechargeable battery.
    Incorporates an Aero Vacuum Filter, this can capture dirt and fine dust.


  • It’s a powerful cleaning system that captures dust, dirt, all types of hair and even larger.
  • It can remove debris on both hard floors and carpets.
  • It can sense dirt that could be overlooked by use of auricular sensors to discover places with high dirt collections. Therefore, it has a high-performance and a crystal clear cleaning in those areas.
  • Are you afraid of falling down the stairs? It doesn’t; the slope detection sensors allow Roomba to bypass stairs and dangerous slopes.
  • This device works with the Roomba Home application, so it means the Roomba 690 can be put into operation and controlled by the Smartphone or tablet from anywhere.
  • It can further schedule it, receive notifications of cleaning, view the situation of its cleaning cycles or receive advice and assistance.
  • Automatically returns to the load base after completing its job.
  • The Wi-Fi connectivity of the Roomba 690 allows you to control the device using the Alexa-enabled digital assistants, such as Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot. Soon, the aspiration could be as easy as saying, “Alexa, ask Roomba to start cleaning.”


  • Centrally to its many viable functions, this model doesn’t have navigation room by room.
  • The device can’t resume cleaning where I leave it before going to the cargo base.
  • It does not notify when the dirt deposit is full.
  • The model lacks the powerful engine and some additional cleaning features found in the other models.


  • It’s affordable.
  • The device is easy to use.
  • Offers the option to schedule cleaning at the time you want.
  • You can clean all kinds of floors; this includes wood, ceramics, carpets, and marble.
  • Automatically returns to the load base after completing its task. Thus, you will not have the typical problem of wanting to use and that it is without charge.
  • It can lift and sucks soil dirt.
  • It can sweep along walls and corners.


  • It doesn’t notify when the reservoir is full.
  • Some users’ reports the model is very noisy.
  • For some users, it is not small enough.

ROOMBA 890 Review

Also sold like Roomba 895 and 896, this device is a medium-high-end robot. It’s very efficient which provides great efficiency in cleaning the home. It also incorporates Wi-Fi connectivity. Thus, allows you to manage and update an application on the Smartphone or tablet with LOS or Android operating system.


  • Desirable size, so you can clean under the bed, furniture and other spaces difficult to access.
  • It includes an ultimate 3-stage cleaning system. The system comes with an Aero Force technology, whose power is five times higher than those of the 600 and 700 series models. Hence creates easy lifting, extract and suck dirt.
  • It incorporates two rubbers anti-entanglement extractors that remove dirt and hair from any floor.
  • Avoiding jams and without requiring maintenance. It’s a very efficient solution for homes with pets.
  • This device incorporates Wi-Fi connectivity. It allows you to control the robot remotely and update its software so that always has the latest version of the operating system; this guarantees a better performance in work.
  • Equipped with Dirt Detect technology, which includes optical sensors for greater precision. It also incorporates the persistent pass, which repeats the movements back and forth, for a thorough cleaning of areas where there is much dirt.


  • The model is straightforward to use due to the incorporation of Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • You can take control from your Smartphone.
  • The robot automatically returns to the charging base when it has finished cleaning.
  • The device notifies you when you should proceed to empty the tank.
  • Thanks to the aero force system, this model offers high-efficiency filtering to trap 99% of allergens, pollen, and particles with a minimum size of 10 microns.


  • It has a less battery life of 60 minutes.
  • It lacks characteristics that are typical of more advanced robots.
  • It’s usually more expensive, but not always.


It offers effective cleaning
.Do not get stuck with hair that may be on the floor, so It may be the ideal solution for those who own pets at home.
It gives a signal when the storage reservoir is full.


  • It has short battery life
  • It’s more expensive than the Roomba 690.

Generally, Roomba 690 vs 890 are small robot vacuum cleaner manufactured by iRobot. Both are computerized and moves around your house automatically. They clean by brushing as well as vacuuming the carpet, floor, and rugs. ARE you thinking how to personalize your comfort with one for your home? Getting yourself one is something you should be prioritizing now. But at this point, it might be pretty hard to decide. Why? Out of the two vacuum cleaners, there must be a hero. Without further ado, let us compare the Roomba 890 vs 690 putting in consideration the factors stated below:


One obvious thing is that the Roomba robot is easily noticeable. It simply means that just seeing it, one would immediately identify it is a Roomba robot.

Roomba 890 design is in line with the final Roomba look. The spherical body makes it straightforward to create tight turns. Also, the easy-to-use handle gives it an easy way to hold the Roomba. The central “CLEAN” button will be accustomed begin associate motor vehicle cycle. Otherwise, you will use the app to line up remote programming via your Smartphone or voice management. The color of the Roomba 890 is darker armadillo while the Roomba 690 has a silver finishing.

While the Roomba 690 design takes a rather different approach compared to 890 models, the first notable modification within the Roomba 690 is the onboard camera not found in the 690 model that is currently centrally settled in the vacuum. The “CLEAN” switch shifts additional toward the fore part of the vacuum, however, operates same means. You’ll be able to schedule associate automotive vehicle clean cycle victimization the button or adjust it up to a wireless local area network and use your voice controls or Smartphone.

Size and Dimensions

The Roomba 890 has a height of 3.6 inches and a diameter of 13.9 inches. It is 0.6 pounds heavier than the Roomba 690. However, the Roomba 690 is 3.7 inches in height, and its diameter is 13 inches, hence, narrower and taller. Both have pretty standard sizes, and this enables the robot vacuums to maneuver under most furniture and tight spaces easily. It also facilitates access to areas that could be out of our reach.

Cleaning Parameters and Vacuum Technology

Both of them have a three-stage cleaning system that has the debris extractor! Main brush, the side brushes and a motor that is powerful to suck in all the dirt. The Roomba 690 utilizes the main brush and has Aero Vacuum technology. It also has Aero Vacuum filters that filter in carpet fuzz and dust as well as pet hair.

On the other hand, the Roomba 890 makes use of the debris extractor that is brushless; hence, there being less need to clean it up in case of tangles. The motor in the 890 is more powerful, hence, having stronger suction. Roomba 890 uses Aero Force filters that trap 99% of all dust even those that are smaller than ten microns in size leaving out nothing.

Cleaning Quality on Different Surfaces

They both have sensors that can detect dirty on different types of surfaces. It helps them to concentrate on the dirty areas for thorough cleaning to remove stains. The Roomba 890 has not only the acoustic sensors but also optical sensors, hence, more efficient.

These are various tests done on different surfaces:

  • On hardwoods, the Roomba 890 and the Roomba 690 did a perfect job, and you can use either of them.
  • In carpet cleaning the Roomba 980 serves best. It’s because the Roomba 980 gets more sanction power when cleaning a carpet.
  • The Roomba 980 and 690 bring out equally satisfying results on the bare floor.
    Considering a case where there are pets and no allergies the Roomba 690 serves best.

Also, if the battery runs low both Roomba 690 and Roomba 980 can dock them and get recharged, however, after recharging they cannot resume cleaning automatically.


Roomba 890 usability is superb. Setting up this vacuum is extraordinarily easy— YOU ONLY NEED to take out, ensure it’s charged, and leave to clean. To start out a brand new improvement cycle, you’ll press the central “CLEAN” button on the mechanism or set it up with wireless local area network.

Once it’s connected to a wireless local area network, you’ll manage the vacuum along with your voice or Smartphone or management if you’ve got Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Pairing the robot vacuum to the device ought to solely take some minutes, and also the app is inherent, While Roomba 690 is easy and straightforward to control. Putting in place this vacuum solely you need to unbox, charge, and pair it with the wireless local area network. In case you don’t want to line up wireless local area network property at once, you’ll be able to conjointly begin a cycle by simply pressing the massive “CLEAN” button settled on the vacuum.

Similarly, Roomba 890, 690 are often managed along with your voice control or Smartphone. Attaching the Roomba vacuum to the Home app merely takes a couple of minutes, and you’re ready to set off.

Wi-fi and App Connectivity

Both can connect to Wi-Fi network. As a result, you can use the Home mobile app to control the robot Vacuum and create your desired schedule for cleaning. Also, use voice commands for its operation. You can start; stop a cleaning job simply by voice command.

Battery Life and Rechargeable Time

Generally, battery life and power management are essential. The Roomba 890 has an 1800 milliamp-hour battery capability and may endure for a half an hour approximately. Typically, it generates a full charge within two to three hours. However, it might take longer counting depending on how you use the Roomba, while the Roomba 690 battery contains a capability of 2600 milliamp-hour. On top of its larger capacity, it has an extended run time. It goes up to approximately seventy-five minutes. This mechanism vacuum takes around 2 to 3 hours to charge as the Roomba 890.

Maintenance and Dustin Indicator

The Roomba 890 is easier to maintain than 690 model, as it involves simple tasks. For the 690 regular checks on the filters help the Roomba parts to be more long-lasting. However, the 690 requires additional maintenance because it has a bristle brush. The emptying of the dustbin on a regular basis is necessary.

The good thing about having a Roomba 890 is that it notifies you once it is time to empty the bin. However, even when full it still vacuums until it completes the job. On the other hand, the Roomba 690 leaves you to guess if it is full or not. In this case, the Roomba 890 is more efficient since it alerts you.


Considerably the 690 model will save you money. However, the 890 model has additional features and improvements that would serve a great purpose and is thus worth buying. These additional features include; memory mapping technologies that enable the Roomba prevent bumping into the same obstacles or furniture that may cause its damage during the cleaning cycle. Thanks to it as it remembers where various obstacles and furniture are.

It also has a developed HEPA filtration system that enables remove up to 99% of all particles even those as small as 10 microns hence it is more efficient and advanced dual brush roll hence facilitating fewer tangles. 1 r ensures easier maintenance especially in homes with pets and long-haired people.


Although we have seen some factors set the two superheroes apart, in my view, the 690 model has special extras such as; mapping, visual camera, edge cleaning system, and automatically renew the cleaning sequence. Thus, it makes the 690 stand out against the 890 model.

Therefore, the winner among the two is undeniable. The Roomba 690 has additional features to make it favorite over the 890. Although they share a lot of features, the unique present in 690 makes it more outstanding.

The Roomba 890 could be an excellent robotic vacuum in its claim. You should not undermine it due to its fewer features. If you have a small home or on a tight budget, You may probably go for 890 model. Well, if you want to have the full expertise, with all the extra perks in it, you may choose the Roomba 690.


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