Bathrooms are an integral part of our lives, used by us for essential everyday tasks. Nearly everything related to hygiene requires a functioning bathroom, such as cleansing, and other not so glamorous activities.

It suffices to say, that every household requires a bathroom, and with its importance being of such great order, it becomes equally important to ensure your bathroom is well stocked and well maintained.

In this article, we list down the essential items you need to have in your bathroom to ensure you keep well-groomed and also, make your bathroom a sight to behold!

Dental Related Items

First things first you’ll need to have a toothbrush holder to keep your toothbrush and toothpaste from lying on the sink table, which looks untidy.

Dental hygiene is a must for staying clean and having a healthy social life, so keep this up on your priority list. Investing in a mouthwash doesn’t hurt either.

Shower Items

It’s a no-brainer that you need to bath regularly, so shower items are a must. Start with installing a shower cubicle, as this not only gives a neat look to your bathroom but keeps the rest of the room dry.

You can further compliment this by attaching a shower curtain line to make your designated shower area waterproof completely. A shower cap and all things needed for a typical bath such as soap, shampoo, etc are naturally included.

All Things Commode

You need a toilet for the obvious. But what about the numerous accessories linked to the toilet? Toilet roll and a toilet roll holder will be absolute necessities, as well a toilet brushes to help with the dreaded task of cleaning the throne.

Getting more technical, you’ll need your toilet to flush well, and for that, you’ll need the best Toilet Flapper. You may contact your plumber to learn more about installing a toilet flapper.


After a rewarding bath, the first thing for all of us needs to do is dry ourselves. You’ll need towels yes, but not without having a towel rack to put your towels on. Otherwise, the towels will end up on the floor or badly folded, and messy.

There’s nothing worse in the bathroom than a dirty towel, as all your efforts in cleaning yourself will be reversed as you get dry. Also, it is a good habit to keep several towels for a different action, i.e., a towel for washing hands, and a towel for drying your body/hair.

While not compulsory, wall hooks will allow you to also hang your clothes efficiently without them getting dirty.

Invest in a Durable Floor Mat

It is no doubt that the bathroom floor will get wet, or even messy at times. You’ll want a consistently dry place to firmly plant your feet, giving you stability and dry feet. Plus, the different colors can help give your bathroom a lively experience!

A Mirror That Reflects the Real You

While it may seem obvious, many people gloss over the absolute necessity of a clear, smooth large mirror. Vital for shaving, preening and internal pep talks, your bathroom is incomplete without a mirror.

The key is the placement of course, though right above the sink makes perfect sense. Make sure to place it in the way for adequate lighting to reach it.

Cupboards for Storage

A major utility, and often left out. A bathroom cabinet will make your life much easier, as you can store any additional toiletries, medicine or other relevant items exactly where you need them.

Keeping one near your sink will maximize its use, as it will be easy to reach. They can come in many exciting varieties, and some even include a built-in mirror to serve as multi-use.

Reliable Aaste Disposal

Last but not least, a bathroom is still a room, and so it needs waste disposal of non-organic items. Putting it bluntly, you will need a trash can to dispose of tissue papers, worn out or broken toiletries, and several other items. Having one will greatly improve your bathroom’s cleanliness.


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