What Is A Fog Machine And How Does It Work?

If you have ever come across an entertainment ground with special effects like a beam of colorful lightning cutting through the venue or stage to set the mood, that is the handwork of the fog machine.

“The fog machine is a device that is generally used by equipped professionals in the entertainment industry to produce artificial or machine made dense vapors that have the same look and effect as a fog.”

Components of a Fog Machine

A fog machine is a complicated yet straightforward machine used to create a various visual effect to entertain the audience. If you wish to make the full use of fog machine, it must have some of the following essential components.

  • The Fog Machine Fluid
  • The Pump
  • The Nozzle
  • The Heat Exchanger
  • Remote Control

Having these components will make sure that your machine is in full use.

How Does a Fog Machine Works?

A fog machine is delicately designed for creating various effects which lead to the perfect situation as one requires. Fog machine contains various fluids and pumps from which the needed residue is generated. Here are the functioning parts of a fog machine.

The Fog Machine Fluid: This fog juice is installed inside the fluid tank and made to pass through the heat exchanger with the help of a pressure pump. When this heat exchanger reaches a maximum temperature of 400 degrees, it changes the liquid substance into vapor form. And then this generated vapor is released into the air.

If the vapor is released in a cool atmosphere, it immediately transforms into the opaque aerosol that we know as fog or smoke and which is visible to us.

“ The process which is used to vaporize the fluid juice is known as flashing.”

The Pump:

The pump plays an essential role in the process of delivering the fog fluid. This pump is also referred to as the piston pump which is used to transfer the fluid from the machine tank to the heat exchanger. As the piston works, it creates some noise which confirms the operation has been done as you start the machine. The point to be noted is that you must allow a certain\ amount of fluid to go to the heat exchanger or else the heat exchanger will stop. This is because the fog juice going through the metal block is excessive.

The Heat Exchanger:

This part of the fog machine is built like a block metal equipped with a heating element. A thermostat is made inside it which generates and regulates the temperature inside. As the heating of the fog juice is completed, it then flows through the nozzle of the machine as a vapor.

The Nozzle:

This fog machine nozzle is designed with a material containing brass. It has some small openings that allow the vapor to be released when high pressure is asserted. This makes the whole nozzle and the opening of the machine to remain hot to the tip and highly inflammable.

The Remote Control:

This machine comes with a one-button remote control which helps to simplify its operation. This button is generally pressed on the time of releasing the fog to the atmosphere. The best way is to set a timer which will allow you to set the appropriate time for the releasing of the mist.

Effects of Fog Machine

You can use the fog machine to generate the following effects like

Smoke: The machine can be used to make smoke effects by using smoke cookies, inflammable substances, and other smoke cartridges.

Fog: This effect from the fog machine can be created by mixing a fog fluid inside a heat exchanger. The substance will be heated until the fluid part of it vaporizes and turn into a thick visible cloud.

Haze: This effect from the fog machine is created by using a fluid named as haze fluid. This haze fluid is used to create an effect like a lightning beam. Liquid Carbon diOxide: Carbon dioxide is used to produce a specially designed fog fluid to create a very thick and powerful billowing plume. When this substance is exposed to the air or into the atmosphere, it expands into the vapor to condense the moisture in the air to produce special effects.

Liquid Nitrogen: This substance is heated inside the fog machine to its boiling point which leads into the generation of steam and elevated humidity. When this moisture inside the device condenses, it would create the low lying fog that rolls to the ground.

Dry Ice: The mixture of carbon dioxide and dry ice causes a sublimation that creates a gas. This gas is then condensed with water vapor to produce a solid white fog that will provide low lying fog effects.


A fog machine is an excellent machine which helps to create the atmosphere you desire. It significantly affects the show which leads to soul entertainment for the audience. These effects from a fog machine assist you in maintaining the mood or the theme of the concert. It produces a sensation of being somewhere else; it provides the audience with a sense to catch the feel of the show and enjoy.

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