There are so many people who still are not aware of the thing Power Drill; they often confused this device with other electric and manual devices. I would like to dedicate this article to them who need this small-portable power driven device the most, but literally have no idea about “What is Power Drill.”

A drill driven by power like electricity or battery is called a Power Drill. Well I know, it’s truly a vague of kind of meaning to define such a useful, versatile, life easing device. So here in my article I will shed some informative words about Power Drill.

Well, we all are pretty acquainted with the term drill, a tool attached with a cutting or driving tool materials which we call bits. There was a time when drill machine used to use for single purpose, or you can say respective drill machine for different respective task. Then with the touch of modern science, marketers put a whole lot of renovation over this important tool and bring out a device called Power Drill.

Precisely, a power drill is a tool with rotating chuck which is driven by an electric motor and designed to use different typ​es of bits with one single device for multi-purpose usages.

The outlook and the mechanism of power drill by different companies varies but with just a slight change. So here I will go through over a brief overview about power drill, which is more or less applicable for all the power drills available in the market.

A power drill consists of few parts, which let it operates smoothly.

The Power Button

As power drill is driven by electric motor, it requires to switch off when it is not working and switch on when to put it on work. So, there must be a point or trigger switch to perform this task smoothly. Yes, you got it all fine that there is a button on this device which is located at some point of its body part to put it on and off when required.

The Speed Button

One of the most important traits of modern power drill is that you can increase and decrease the power of the motor according to your necessity. In most power drill there is only two option to make the speed high and low but in many modern drill you will find different buttons with more than two level.

Torque Selection Clutch

There is a part in every power drill called clutch, which transmits the rotation in drill shaft from motor through a clutch, which regulates the drill torque. Many power drill has fixed clutch but most have an adjustable clutch.

Chuck, the major part

One of the major parts of power drill is the chuck, which fastens the bit with the drill. It has got a part with 3 or more teeth where you insert the bit. When the bit got fasten properly, by pressing the power button you start working.

The Forward/Rewind Button

There is a button on of the power drill which lets the drill to move forward and backward. The drills without this button are designed to perform in straight motion. But when you want to drill or drive in twisting motion, you will require a device which has the button of both forward and rewinds. When you drill or drive too deep, or in twisting motion, you cannot pull the bit manually, so you have to put you device in rewind position to pull it out.

Led Work light

Many devices comes with a LED work light thing, which puts light on the working point to perform the duty smoothly.

A Handy Handle

There is a handle in all type of power drill, which let it hold conveniently. If you cannot hold your drill in right position, you may fail to perform the task properly and encounter with accidents. So having a good handle is one of the must haves of the modern drill.

The Drill Stand

Many drills come with a convenient surface which you can put in standing position, rather lying, to keep your drill for some rest, while you do some other chores. Though it is not mandatory for all the drills but many come with it.

The Cord

If it is a corded drill, then you will get a good long cord with the machine, to move your device for covering a certain distance. If it is a corded deal, you must check the size of the cord, better to ignore, if it is not that long.

The Battery

If it is a cordless device you will find a place to put a battery in position, often by the handle. The battery is often removable. But if it is non-removable there must be some way to charge it up, through some other electronic wire or device. Else you can simply put the battery out and charge it outside of the device.

The above parts are more or less similar with all the power drills; but if your drill comes with many more other options, do not get confused, as over the passing days, companies are making huge investment for conducting research and development to bring out the best of technology to make our life more better, more convenient.


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