An angle grinder is a hand-held power tool which can be used for a variety of different works including cutting, grinding, cleaning and polishing surfaces. This variety of works make it an essential tool that you must have in your arsenal. Although all the manufacturers make almost same angle grinders according to their main features, they have some differences in their motor and build quality.

You can get one at a very low price. But as you know the saying “You get what you paid for”, you have to increase your budget if you want to own a quality product. If you buy one with the lowest price, the quality and the motor would not be able to make you satisfied. The blade wouldn’t also be sharp enough. Overall it will be annoying. So, I recommend buying one with a little bit high price.

Different Types of Angle Grinder

There are different types of angle grinders available in the market. Different types of grinders are used for different types of works.


It is the most common model. They run through electricity. They need to be powered with 230 volts for general and domestic use or with 110 volts via a step-down transformer for professional and building site use. They can range from 500 – 2,000+ watts in power with the lower wattage items being at, the cheaper end of the scale.

They are also available in the wireless model which can be operated with a rechargeable battery. The most common battery used for a grinder is an 18 volts lithium ion battery. They are instrumental as you can take them wherever you want without thinking about the availability of the electricity. Just be sure that the battery is fully charged. And if you can take an extra battery with you then you can remain totally worry-free.


Another outstanding model is petrol angle grinder. They have a small petrol engine that contains petrol and powers the device. They are somehow very large scale angle grinder in size. They can be mostly used for cutting. You can cut steel, break or block, paving slabs etc easily with the petrol angle grinder.

One thing you have to take you into account that these type of angle grinders are not suitable for grinding at all. If you need an angle grinder for grinding then this model is not for you. If you just want to use it for cutting different materials, then you are welcome. It cuts really good.

Pneumatic or Compressed Air

These angle grinders are mostly found in a professional situation like a garage or workshop. The air to drive the tool is produced by a compressor and then channeled via pipes to the tool itself. Then the air drives the grinding or cutting disc. These tools often operate at slower speeds than the electric models.

Types of Discs and Attachments for Angle Grinders

Discs are the main part of an angle grinder. Discs do the job that an angle grinder is made for. You want to use if for whatever purpose cutting, grinding or polishing; the disc does the job. There are many kinds of discs available according to a different type of use.

Cut off Discs

You have to consider that you are going to use the machine for which purpose. If you are about to use it for cutting purpose, then you will be in need of a cut off disc. Cut-off discs are different for cutting different materials. Metal cut-off discs are used for cutting metal objects, and stone cut off discs are for cutting stone or bricks.

Again you can find a diamond cutting disc that is used for cutting tiles, mortar raking, slate, marble, granite, abrasive materials, and asphalt. These discs are tripped with a diamond at their edges so that they can easily cut off those hard materials mentioned above. Diamond cutting discs are of two types: wet and dry. Wet discs need to be wet while cutting but the dry disc doesn’t need any water.

Pads and Sanding Discs

These discs basically contain sandpaper that is a soft pad or base that is then attached to the grinder or sander. Once the paper has worn down, it can be pulled off and replaced with a new sheet.

Grinding Discs

Grinding discs come both in stone grinding and metal grinding. They can be used for grinding metals and stone also. Be sure that you are getting the right one which you need.

Wire Brush and Twist Knot Cups

These discs are basically made of wire. A group of wires are twisted up and placed around the perimeter of the cup and then screws onto the grinder. When screwing, make sure that you tighten it rightly. These discs can be used for removing paints from the walls and so on. They are very useful for you in a various way.

Flap Sanding Discs

These discs are also very essential. They are generally used for sanding or cleaning surfaces but you can also use it for grinding. If you need some detailed grind you can use it freely, it will provide you a fantastic result as they are not as harsh as normal grinding discs. They are available in various grit range. So you can find which one will match your need the most.

Polishing Pads

These discs are used for polishing surfaces. They contain soft pads that do the polishing job. They are screwed to the grinder machine.

What Can an Angle Grinder Be Used for?

  • Cutting steel sheets, rusted bolts, and screws, bars or rods.
  • Cutting bricks, tiles, blocks, slabs and so on.
  • Cleaning paint, debris, and rust from metal surfaces.
  • They can be used for Sharpening blades such as shears, mower blades, axes, and other chopping tools.
  • Can be used for polishing surfaces.
  • They can also be used for shaping objects and materials if you practice a lot.

So you can see that this tool is of excellent use. A tool that you must keep at your home. It will help you with various purposes. But when you purchase one, make sure that you are purchasing the best one so that you get the best service. I am sure that this tool will act as a great friend to you.


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